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You write seventy-eight and three tenths (78.3) in standard form as 7.83 × 101

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Q: How would you write seventyeight and three tenths in standard form?
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How would you write twenty-seven and three tenths in standard formANSWER ME FAST PLZ?


Where would three tenths go on a number line?

Three tenths would go be side the number three

What is nine-tenths minus three-tenths?

Six tenths but then you have to simplify it so then it would be three fifths

What is larger one third or three tenths?

Three tenths would be larger

What would 4 and three tenths look like as a decimal?

4 and three tenths as a decimal = 4.3

How to write the number to millions 810 three hundred thousands and four tenths?

To write this number in standard form in millions would be 810,300,000.4.

What is three and three tenths in word form?

'Three and three tenths' is already in word form. The numeric form would be 3 3/10.

What is three tenths as a percentage?

Three tenths (3/10) as a percentage is written as 30%. In decimal form it would be written as ".3".

How many sixths would equal five-tenths?

five-tenths = 1/2 therefore, three-sixths = five-tenths

How do you write eight hundred two and fifty three tenths?

Because 53 tenths would equal 5.3, Then number 802 and 53 tenths would be: 807.3

How would you write 3.4 in words?

Three and four tenths.

What would be a decimal for three and nine tenths in math?


What is the terminating decimal of three tenths?

I would say .3333333333...

How is 33.3 written in word form?

It would be written as: Thirty three and three tenths.

Circle the digit in the tenths place 0.3?

0.3 is the same as 3/10 (three tenths)so the digit in the tenths place would be 3

How would you write fourteen and three tenths in decimal form?


How would you write three and eight tenths as a decimal?


How would you write three and eight tenths in decimal form?


What would 23.5 be in word form?

Twenty-three and five tenths.

How would you write 12 and three tenths as a decimal?

12 and three tenths = 12 + 3/10 = 12 + (3 ÷ 10) = 12 + 0.3 = 12.3

How do you write two and three tenths as a decimal?

it would look like this 2.3

-Which number is three hundred nine and six-tenths?

309.6 i would think

Is 0.3 smaller or bigger than 0.5?

OK. Think about it. 0.3 is three tenths. 0.5 is five tenths. If you take a board and cut it into ten equal-sized pieces, you have tenths. So.... would three of those tenths be bigger or smaller than five of those tenths? Smaller.

How many fifthieths would three tenths equal?

3/10 = 15/50

What is one in 3.100?

The one is in the tenths place, so it would be three and one-tenth.