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y = 3x =3(6) = 18 ... the ordered pair is (x,y) = (6,18)

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Q: How yo solve y equals 3x when x equals 6 and give ordered pair that would be plotted on a graph?
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When using a graph to solve a problem about how far a car traveled during a specified time during which it was accelerating how many area calculations do you have to make and what are the shapes?

The answer depends on the variables plotted in the graph.

How do you solve 21x-7y equals 4?

You plot the equation as a graph. Every one of the infinitely many points on the graph is a solution.

Which ordered pair is a point on the graph y equals 3x plus 1?

There are many different ordered pairs for this. To figure it out, make up a value for x. Then plug it into the equation and solve to find y. You can use any number. For example, if x=2, then your equation would be 3(2)+1. Solve that and you get 7 for the answer (y). if x=2, then y=7 so one of the ordered pairs would be (2,7).

What is the ordered pair for the equation y equals 5x-8?


Solve the system of equations Enter your answer as an ordered pair 4x plus 8y equals 16 4x minus 8y equals 0?


How do you solve y equals 2x plus 2?

i guess it is y-2x=2 u can use this equation for a graph

How do i solve for X plus y equals 22?

Any ordered pair that satisfies y = 22 - X is a solution.

6x - 6y plus 11 equals 17 9y equals 3x plus 15 Solve the system of equations and enter the solution as an ordered pair?


Use the substitution method to solve the system of equations Choose the correct ordered pair 2x plus 3y equals 13 x equals 2?


Draw graph x plus y equals 0?

solve for y so if x + y = 0 then y = -x

What do the shaded dots refer to in the graph of an inequality?

The shaded area of the graph of an inequality show the solution to the inequality. For example, if the area below y = x is shaded it is showing those ordered pairs which solve y < x.

How we solve equations of motion by graph?

One can solve equations of motion by graph by taking readings of the point of interception.

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