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You cannot.

It is not possible to solve one linear equation in two unknown variables; you need two independent equations.

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Q: How do you solve this equatoin on graph y equals 2x-5?
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How do you solve 11-2x5?

First, remember the order of operations. 2x5 comes first. 2x5=10, which makes 11-10 which makes 1.

What equals 7 using 2 5 3?


What is 5x equal to?

To find out what 5x equals to, you have to post the rest of the equation.

Factor 2x5-18x3 equals 0?

2x^3(x - 3)(x + 3)

what is 2x5 =what?


Write prime Factorization of these 10 equals 2x5?

2 x 5 is the prime factorization of 10.

How do you solve for y for y 2x5?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals" etc.

Why do you use division to solve a multiplication problem and multiplication to solve a division problem?

lets say that you're doing a division problem that looks just like a multiplication problem. lets say its 10 divided by 5 so 2x5 equals 10 so the missing number in the problem is 2 MORE TO COME

2 3 4 5 equals 26?

that's easy you do 2x5 and get 10x3 and get 30-4 and get 26

Write the prime factorizations of this numbers 10 equals 2x5?

2 x 5 is the prime factorization of 10.

How do you find the end behavior of 2x5 plus 5x4-2x3-7x2-4x-12?

f(x) = 2x5 + 5x4 - 2x3 - 7x2 -4x - 12 We use the Leading Coefficient Test to determine the graph's end behavior. Because the degree of f(x) is odd (n = 5) and the leading coefficient, 2, is positive, the graph falls to the left and rises to the right.

What is 3x2 x 2x5?

It equals 60 Because 3•2 is 6 2•5 is 10 &. 10•6 is 60