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The length times the width times the height.

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Q: How you calculate the volume of a cube shaped object?
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How do you find the volume of a cube shaped object?

The answer depends on what information you do have about the object.

How would you calculate the density if the object is cube?

The shape of an object is not enough to calculate its density. You also need its mass and then Density = Mass/Volume.

What is the volume of a cube whose width is 5 inches?

the volume of a cube is a*3

If the mass of the cube is 16g what is its density?

The density of an object is its mass divided by its volume. Without the volume, you cannot calculate its density.

How do you measure a irregular shaped solid like a cube?

A cube is hardly an irregularly shaped object. Measuring it is the defining term of area and volume. A cube is defined as having twelve sides, all lengths uniform, all angles right angles. If the length of any side is 'a' then area = 6*a*a volume = a*a*a

How would you calculate the surface area to volume ratio?

Calculate or measure the surface area of object = A Calculate or measure the volume of object = V The required ratio is A/V

A cube hav a volume of 64cm3 calculate the height of the cube?

The answer is 4.

How do you calculate the volume of the first layer of a cube structure?

To calculate the volume of he first layer of a cube structure, simply multiply the length by the width by the height. The product gives you the total volume in the cube structure.

What is the basic unit of volume for regular shaped objects?


What is the volume of a cube 4cm x 4cm x 4cm?

The volume of a cube equals its side length cubed. In this case it is 4cm3 which gives a volume of 64cm3

How is the density of a regularly shaped object determined by experiment?

If the shape of the object is regular (a cube or a sphere) then the volume can be calculated from the measurement of the object's key dimension(s). And the object's mass can be determined in a mass balance. Give the mass and volume the density is calculated by dividing the mass by the volume. Where the object's shape is irregular, the volume may be determined by measuring the volume of a liquid displaced by submerging the object completely in that liquid.

How do you find the volume of a regular object cube?

Finding the volume of a regular object cube can be hard. This will be hard because there is no real formula for measuring irregular objects.

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