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you have to solve the problem

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Q: How you called the use of math to find the answer?
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To use math to find the answer?

use math to find the answer

Where can I find some free learning games online?

There are many great games that a person can use to make their math skill better. One great game that kids use is called math blaster.

What type of math do you use in zoology?

You can use math for Zoology to know how many animals are in each habitat and use math to find out how much food you give the animal.

How do scientists use math?

most scientists use math to find how much liquid to put into a test tube.or to find tyhe size of an animal.or to,... well, you get it, they use ALOT of math. so if you are about to be a scientist,pay attention in math and science class!

What operation do you use when you find parts of parts Math?

You use division.

Why does Basketball And Math Go Hand In Hand?

They gernerally do not, but during scoring you use math. You use math to add up the score and find which team wins.

What do you use to find the mass of a fish tank?


How do you find the degree of a term in math?

use a book

Can you use math to find the period of a pendulum?


What word do you use to find the answer in a math problem?


How do you find the mean height in a math problem?

easy you can use a calculator to find that out

How do we use inverse in real life?

we use it in math. it is called inverse operation