How you feel when your are 2 months?

Updated: 6/6/2023
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your breast should be or previously been sore, this happens to most women, the areola aound you nipples should be turning darker, yous should not be having your period, and in increase in vaginal fluid should occur, by this time you may begine to notice signs of morning sickness, which incluldes naseua and vomitting on most occasions, you should be fatigued, and notice that your urinating patterns have increased, you may be craving more food and foo you never normally ate to begine with, by this time it is less likely but you may start to notice growth within your abdomin, though at two months if noticable would be very little, hope this is what you were looking for

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Q: How you feel when your are 2 months?
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Is it possible to feel movement at 2 months pregnant?


Why can a woman not feel her fetus move before the fifth month of pregnancy?

we can feel the fetus before 5Th month. I am 2 and 1/2 months pregnant and I think I can feel my baby,this is my second baby and i can feel the fetus.but occasionally not all the time

Can you feel baby in your stomach at 4 months?

At four months you should feel some movement of the baby.

Can you feal the baby in 2 weeks?

No, you just have gas. You can't feel the baby earlier than 3 months and not too often before 4 months.

How soon can you feel the baby fluttering and how often?

you can feel fluttering as soon as 3 months you won't feel them very often until you get about 4 months

Why do i Feel sick all the time and now for last 2 months been vomiting after eating?

If your a female then you could be pregant

What is 1.84 months rounded to in months?

2 months

How many months are in 4 years and 2 months?

1 year = 12 months so 4 years and 2 months = 12*4 months 2 months = 48 months + 2 months = 50 months.

Is it normal for you to feel your baby move at 5 months pregnant?

yes, at 5 months you usually feel your baby move, quite a lot.

What will you do when one of your best friend cheats you and came after 2 or 3 months?

i will treat him as before,but always try to feel him realise his mistake

Iam four months 2 weeks pregnant but you i cant feel the baby and this is the second child?

Babies dont start kicking and moving until your 6 months pregnant, Im positive.

When should you feel baby kick?

At 5 months you can feel your baby moves or kicks.