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Negative first, then zero and then the positive.

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Q: How you would order from least to greatest three numbers that include a positive number a negative number and zero?
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How do you put negative numbers in least to greatest?

There is difference between positive and negative numbers in Maths and Arithmetic.In positive numbers we can put least to greatest from left to right where left is least and extreme right is greatest . In negative numbers its vice versa.

Which is greatest 26 or negative 267?

All positive numbers are greater than negative numbers.

Is there a greatest negative integer?

Yes, there is a greatest negative integer. It is -1 because -1 is the only negative number before 0 and negative numbers are the opposite of positive numbers.

In order from greatest to least which will go first 7 or -5?


Sum of all the odd numbers?

All of them? If you include negative numbers then zero, as every positive number has a negative that will cancel it out. If you mean only positive numbers then it is infinity.

Is -5 an integer?

yes integers include positive and negative numbers.

Is a negative fraction a real number?

Yes. Real numbers include positive and negative numbers, integers and fractions, rational and irrational numbers.

What is the relationship between neggative positive and positive negative?

Negative number and positive numbers are all numbers. Negative numbers are just positive numbers multiplied by -1.

Why -1 is the greatest integer?

It is not - so the question is seriously flawed. If you stated that -1 was the greatest (most positive) negative integer you would be correct. However, numbers are infinite so you cannot state a greatest integer. Integers are both positive and negative numbers, but have to be whole numbers

Multiplying negative numbers?

any two negative numbers multiplied together equals a positive number. any two positives numbers multiplied together equal positive numbers and any negative and positive numbers multiplied together equals a negative.negative, negative = positivenegative, positive = negativepositive, positive = positive

Is .5 an integer?

yes integers include positive and negative numbers.

What is the sign of the product of 47 negative numbers and three positive numbers?

Negative because product of 47 negative numbers is negative and product of three positive number is Positive , so negative*positive = Negative.

Can a real number be negative?

Yes, real numbers include both positive and negative numbers. They also include whole numbers and fractional numbers, as well as irrational numbers (numbers that can't be expressed as the ratio of two whole numbers).

Can you get a greatest common factor for negative numbers?

Sure. But since negative numbers have positive factors and positive numbers are greater than negative numbers, the answer will be the same regardless of the sign. The GCF of 4 and 9, -4 and 9, 4 and -9 and -4 and -9 is 1.

Are all rational numbers positive?

Not at all. The class of "natural" numbers are all positive, but the classes of "real" numbers and "rational" numbers include negative numbers.

What is another word for natural number?

Natural numbers are sometimes defined to include zero, sometimes not. Equivalent terms therefore may include: positive integers, non-negative integers, whole numbers, positive whole numbers ("whole number" is ambiguous; some take it to include negative numbers, some not).

How do you subtract negative numbers from positive numbers?

The negative sign will change to a positive sign when subtracting negative numbers from positive numbers so you will simply add them together.

Is the product of positive numbers and 7 negative numbers a positive number or a negative number?


Is the product of 7 positive numbers and 6 negative numbers a positive or negative number?


What are the rules for multiplying integers?

Positive x Positive =Positive Positive x Negative= Negative Negative x Positive= Negative Negative x Negative =Positive

What are non-negative numbers?

A non-negative number is a number which does not require a negation sign. There is a distinction to be made here between positive numbers and non-negative numbers, where non-negative numbers can include 0, while positive numbers do not include 0.

Why are negative numbers in brackets positive but positive numbers in brackets are not negative?


What are 8 integers that are not whole numbers?

They would be the negative numbers since whole numbers include 0 and positive numbers but not negative numbers unlike the integer group. So simply think of 8 integers that are negative.

Are all numbers that is greater than zero is an positive integers?

No. All numbers greater than zero are positive real numbers. Integers are whole numbers (positive or negative) and therefore, don't include numbers with decimals.

What is the product of two negative and three positive numbers?

It is positive. Any product of an even number of negative numbers will be positive, regardless of how many positive numbers you have. Similarly any product of an odd number of negative numbers will be negative, regardless of how many positive numbers you have.