IF Any number plus 10-1 is equal to the number plus 9?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Yes, since 10-1 = 9

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Q: IF Any number plus 10-1 is equal to the number plus 9?
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A number plus 11 is less than or equal to 9?

any number below negative 1

What is 374 plus half of 69?

374 plus half of 69 = 408.5.

Does x plus y equal x plus y?

Yes. Just pick any number for x and any number for y and you will see. * * * * * This is the reflexive property of "equality"

What is the definition of the Additive inverse property?

Any number plus zero is equal to the original amount.

When two numbers equal zero?

Any number minus itself equals zero. Any number plus its opposite equals zero. Any number times zero equals zero.

When odd number plus an even number is equal even numbers?

Any odd number can be written as an even number plus one. Any even number plus any other even number makes an even number. Add one makes an odd number. So an odd number plus an even number is always an odd number. Algebraically, any odd number can be written as 2a+ 1 where a is a whole number. Any even number can be written as 2b, where b is a whole number. Add them together, the sum is 2(a + b) + 1, which is odd.

What is 101 over 102 in simplest form?

101/102 cannot be simplified any further. 101 is a prime number.

Which number is not in the domain of y equals x plus 1 divided by x minus 5?


What is 101 as a fraction renamed to a mixed number?

101 is a whole number and so it makes hardly any sense to rename it as a mixed number, but, if you were really keen to do it, you could write it as 101 0/n, where n is any integer greater than 0.

What is 10 raised to the power of -1?


3 plus y plus 5 equals y plus 8?

If you're asking what the value for y is, then the answer could be any number. Both sides of the equation are equal to y+8.

What is 123546798.2546887 equal?

The only number that is equal to it is 123546798.2546887 . Any other number is not equal.