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Hopefully you only knocked the wheels out of alignment. Have them checked.

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Q: I hit a gutter at a high speed and now my steering wheel shakes whenever i go over 70 km per hour what could be wrong with my car?
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Why does your steering wheel shakes at 80 kmh?

could be bad alignment

Front end shakes on 94 z71 4x4?

depends on when it shakes if it shakes when you put on the brakes-warped rotors otherwise it could be ball joints, steering joints, wheel bearings or even out of balance tires

Car shakes when steering left around corner?

If your car shakes when you turn left, this could be a number of things. It could be the alignment, suspension, or something else. It's best to get it checked out right away.

What are the most likely problems with steering wheel shakes at cruising speed?

It could be wheel balance or worn out steering joints. Have it checked by a trusted garage soon!

Why your steering wheel is shaking badly?

Usually when the steering wheel shakes badly while driving it could mean a few things. If it shakes only when you are applying the brakes, this means you have warped rotors and they will need to be turned or replaced. If it shakes just while driving, it could be that you have 1 or more tires that are unbalanced. Check this first before proceeding. It can also indicate that a wheel alignment and perhaps steering linkage repairs are necessary.

2006 Malibu LT - V6 the steering wheel shakes when I start it up what could that be?

Could be that the steering wheel rubber bushing is worn or lose. This bushing is located in the engine compartment, between the end of the steering wheel coulomb and the steering wheel likage...Tom

Your steering wheel on my 1990 civic keeps shaking?

if it shakes while your braking your front roters could be warped or if it shakes while your driving try balancing the tires at a tire shop.

What does it mean if your car is shaking violently at 50 MPH?

My steering wheel shakes what could this mean? _____ try getting your car re-aligned.

Your 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 shakes when you turn the steering wheel or when brakes are applied what could cause this it's a 2wd.?

is this 4 wheel drive

If the front end of your car shakes enough to rattle the steering wheel when stopping What could the problem be?


When braking the front end of the car shakes?

It is likely a brake rotor has to much run out (warped). There could also be some problem with steering or suspension components.

Steering wheel shakes at low speed?

Check the entire front end. The tie rod ends or ball joints could be wearing. The tires could be worn or out of balance. And the front end could be out of alignment.

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