I want my feet to smell?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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wear boots with no socks. or put on 10 socks then put on shoes and go for a run. or you could wear 3 Pears of dirty socks for about 4 or 6 days.

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Q: I want my feet to smell?
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What makes a girl whant to force a boy to smell their feet?

well if they are angry or just want someone to smell there feet

Can I smell my aunts feet?

I want to smell my aunts feet so bad they just look so good specialy when shes weating flip flops

How do you convince people to smell their feet?

If you really desperately need someone to smell his or her own feet, then touch their feet and tell them they now smell like cotton candy. Tell them it is the most amazing new product, because you can smear it on like a sock and it makes your feet smell the way you want them to that day. You just made his or her feet smell like cotton candy, because you were hungry.

If someone puts on perfume fifteen feet from you how can you smell it?

Why would you want to dumbo?

Does everyones feet smell different?

yes everyone's feet smell different.

How can my feet smell if they don't have a nose?

because your feet sweat and the sweat sits there and releases a gas to make the smell. Thank you for using

What can you do for stinky feet?

If you put baby powder on your feet once or twice a day or if you put on deodorant specifically for your feet once or twice a day. If your shoes smell try putting dryer sheets in your shoes overnight or until you like the results. Hope this helps!

Do bigger feet always smell more than smaller feet?

The size of the feet is not the reason they smell worse or better. It is usually hygiene or health that causes feet to smell bad ,,,, not their size.

What makes a girl want to force a boy to smell their feet?

It's a kink or fetish.

Do dorito's smell like dogs feet?

no because usually dogs feet doesn't smell!!!!!

Why doe men like to smell womens feet?

Because to some men, feet are as beautiful as the woman's face, breasts etc. Not all men like to smell feet and those that do like to smell feet, do like all feet.

Girls would you make someone smell your feet if yes why?

ya i wanna know if my feet smell.