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does it stay a fraction

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Q: If you have a radical in the denominator what does it look like when your done?
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How do you express something in radical form?

Using a radical (square root) bar. I can't get one on the screen, but I'm sure you know what they look like. Example: fractional exponents can be rewritten in radical form: x2/3 means the cube root of (x2) ... write a radical with an index number 3 to show cube root and the quantity x2 is inside the radical. Any fractional exponent can be done the same way. The denominator of the fractional exponent becomes the index of the radical, but the numerator stays as a whole number exponent in the radical.

What does the picture look like if the numerator is great than the denominator?

When the numerator of a fraction is greater than its denominator then it is classed as an improper fraction as in the example of 5/3

What does it look like when it is done?

Look on the box. It should have a picture.

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What is the square root of 297 in radical form?

The radical form is the use of the check mark like symbol. The square root of 297 should look like 297 = 17.2336879 or 17.2336879 x 17.2336879 = 297

What does the picture look like if the numerator is greater than the denominator?

If the numerator is greater than the denominator then it is an improper fraction as for example 5/3 but if the numerator is less than the denominator then it is a common fraction as for example 3/4

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How does a numerator and denominator look like?

a numerator is the top number of a fraction and the demonatior is the bottom number of a fraction

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How do you find common denominator?

You look at multiples of the numbers on the denominator and usually use the least common multiple.

How do you name a fraction family?

look at the very first fraction and then read the denominator and right down the denominator

How do you add improper fractions if the denominator can't multiply into the other denominator?

You Ned to find a larger common denominator or multiply the denominators to gain a common denominator.

What is the common denominator of three fourths and one fifth?

The common denominator of three fourths and one fifth is twenty. The fractions including the common denominator can look like this: 3/4 to 15/20 and 1/5 to 4/20. Hope this helps!! ^^

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How do you simplify radical 44?

You look for a perfect square, among the factors of 44 in this case. Then you take that part out of the radical sign.

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What does eight-thousandth of an inch look like as a decimal?

To convert a fraction to a decimal, you divide the numerator by the denominator. In this case, divide 8 / 1000.

How do you add fractions with unlike denometiors?

You look for a common denominator; convert the fractions to equivalent fractions with the denominator you found; then you do the addition itself.

How can you simplify 130 over 400?

You look for common factors in the numerator and the denominator, then divide both the numerator and the denominator by that common factor.

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