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W=15. My father helped me figure this out.

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If you mean 15 times W equals 105, to find W, reverse the process. The reverse of multiplying is dividing. 105 divided by 15 is 7. You can prove this by multiplying 15 x 7- and you get 105.

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Q: If 15xW105 than what number is W?
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9 more than a number w?

9 more than a number w = w+9

What is 6 less than a number w squared?

Six less than a number w squared is written algebraically as w2 - 6

What is an algebraic expression for a number w less than 5?


What is Z more than twice and number w?


What is greatest possible whole number remainder if you divide any number by W explain.?

It is W - 1. If the remainder is greater than or equal to W, then you can subtract W from the remainder and increase the quotient by 1.

A number is 8 more than 32 Find the number Let n number?

w=3,z=9. z2+4(w+5)=

What is a number greater than 1 with more than 2 factors called?

it's called a composite number [ a number greater than 1 w/ more than two factors.]

What number is greater than W that has more factors than 21?

The answer will depend on what W is. Unfortunately, you have not bothered to share that information and so the question cannot be answered.

Total games played 25 they won 9 more than they lost and 2 are ties how many games did they won?

Designate w as the number of games won. The total of 25 must be the sum of the number of games won, the number lost, and the number tied. From the statement of the problem, the number of games lost must be 9 more than the number of games lost, or w + (w-9) equals number of games played minus number of games tied, or 2w - 9 = 25 - 2; 2w = 23 + 9 = 32; w = 16.

How do you write six less than a number w squared?


5 more than 3 times a number w?

3w + 5

5 more than 3 times a number W-?

3W + 5

If x even number less than W and y multiples of 3 less than Y find x - y and y - x?

It is not clear from the question whetherx is an even number, which is less than W orW minus an even number.The distinction obviously affects the possible answers.

What is a algebraic express in for a two more than twice a number w?

2w + 2

What is the phone number of the W W Law in Savannah?

The phone number of the W W Law is: 912-236-8040.

You have a four digit number where the thousands digit is four greater than the hundreds digit. The tens digit is twice the thousands digit.The ones digit is half of the thousands digit. What is the?

Suppose the number is WXYZ, where W,X,Y and Z are non-negative integers less than 10. Then Y = 2*W So Y<10 => W<5 ie W<=4 Also, W = X+4 and X>=0 => W>=4 The above two imply that W = 4. Then X = W-4 = 0 Y = 2*W = 8 and Z = W/2 = 2 so the number is 4082

What is 5 more than 3 times a number w?

(3w(3w)/3w) + 5

What is a number of days in w weeks?

100 7*w = number of days in w weeks.

What is 6 less than w?

Six less than w can be represented as: w-6

What is w is 150 of what number?

w is 150 of (w/150).

What is the phone number of the W W F Community Library in Worthington?

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What is the algebraic equation for w increased by twice a number is - w?

2x + w = -w

What number between w and w is a multiple of 4 6 and 8?

As w and w are the same number, there are no numbers between w and w. However, if it is inclusive of the limits, (ie "between w and w inclusive"), then there is only 1 number w, which to be a multiple of 4 6 and 8 must be a multiple of their lowest common multiple (lcm) which is 24; ie all multiples of 24, namely w is one of: 24, 48, 72, 96, 120, 144, 168, ...

What is the phone number of the W W And F Railway Museum in Alna Maine?

The phone number of the W W And F Railway Museum is: 207-882-4193.

Is W a composite number?

W is a variable. It could stand for a composite number, but it doesn't have to.