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169 pounds

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Q: If 9 ties costst 117 pounds how much would 13 cost?
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How much would it cost for radio time?

It would cost 15 pounds. Sometimes 5 pounds. Hope that helped.

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it would cost around 1.26 million dollars for that much gold

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Apples/Cost = 12/6 = 2 So 3 pounds of apples would cost 3/2 = 1.5 units.

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please can it cost only 30.00 pounds

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About 122,000 pounds

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it would maybe cost 33 pounds a month

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How much would 1 and 3 quarter pounds of pepperoni if 1 lb cost 2.56?

It would cost 4.48.

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in the 1930s it was 29 cents

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They would cost 5.95