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Q: If a dragonfly flies at the rate of Sixty miles per hour how many feet is this per second?
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What is sixty feet per second in miles per hour?

60 feet per second = 40.9 mph

How fast can dragonfly go?

35 miles an hour

A what rate do light waves travel?

300,000 kilometres per second, or 186,000 Miles per Second, or 11,160,000 Miles per minute, or 669,600,000 Miles per Hour (Thats six hundred and sixty nine million, six hundred thousand miles per hour) It's also like 7 times around the world in a second!

How many miles is McMinville Oregon from Mill City?

About sixty miles.

How many miles from Tampa to Sarasota fl?

Roughly sixty miles.

How many miles does it take to drive 460 miles?

Four hundred sixty miles

The fastest sporting animal flies up to 100 miles and hour. How fast in feet each second?

That is 146.7 feet per second.

How long is it between Manchester and Blackpool?

sixty miles

How many meters are in sixty miles?

96560.64 meter

What is the speed in meters per second of a baseball traveling at sixty three miles per hour given that one mile per hour 0.447 meters per second?

0.447 x 63 = 28.161

What is the speed of the Australian dragonfly in miles?

It is 36 mph

How long would it take to go thirty meters at sixty miles per hour?

Thirty meters at sixty miles per hour would require 1.12 seconds.