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There are 26 possible letters and 10 possible numbers. The number of license plates possible is then 26*26*10*10*10*10 = 6760000.

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Q: If automobile license plates consist of two letters followed by four digits how many different license plates ae possible if letters and numbers can be repeated?
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How many different 4-digit codes are possible if the digits cannot be repeated?

If you include 0000, ten thousand unique four digit codes are possible.

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If a code contains 4 letters and 2 numbers how many possible outcomes are there?

If the numbers and letters can be repeated then there are 45,697,600 possible outcomes. If the letters and numbers can not be repeated there are 32,292,000 possible outcomes.

How many number combinations are possible with three numbers?

If the numbers can be repeated and the numbers are 0-9 then there are 1000 different combinations.

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No, the word "gallop" does not have a double consonant repeated. It has a single "l" repeated in the middle, followed by a single "p."

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9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 or 9! which equals 362880 possible combinations if no digits are repeated

Maths Problem Banks issue customers with 4 digit Pin Code numbers however the PIN codes have to have a pair of repeated digits 0889 6647 but not 3453 or 4444 how many codes are there?

the repeated digits can lie in any of 3 positions:XXYZ,YXXZ, or YZXXTherefore, the number of different possible repeated digit combinations is 10×3=30 (there are 10 different possible digits).There are then 9 values left that Y could be, after the X's have their values, and 8 values left that Z could be, to ensure no unintended repeated numbers.This gives (10×3)×9×8=2160. There are therefore 2160 possible codes.

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a repeated word followed by random numbers.... there is no way a person can answer that with so little information

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263 X 103 = 17576000

How many different car license plates can be made using three letters followed by three digits if no letter can be repeated and zero cannot be used as the first digit?

Number of possible groups of 3 letters = 26 x 25 x 24 = 15,600. For each of these . . .Number of possible groups of 3 digits = 9 x 9 x 8 = 648 .Total number of possible distinct plates = 15,600 x 648 = 10,108,800

What is the term for a repetition of vowel sounds followed by different consonants in two or more stressed syllables.?

This is known as consonance. It is a literary device where the same consonant sound is repeated in close proximity in a sentence or phrase.

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