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What is the question ?

-- If the question is: "How much was the price reduced ?", then the answer is

30% of 50 = 0.3 x 50 = 15 .

-- If the question is: "What is the price now ?", then the answer is

30% discount leaves 70% of the original price.

70% of 50 = 0.7 x 50 = 35.

-- If the question is: "What color is the sweater ?" , or "How much is the sales tax ?",

then there's not enough information given with which to figure out an answer.

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Q: If something cost 50.00 and it is discount by 30 percent how do you find the answer?
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What is a 10 percent discount of 140?

A 10 percent discount of 140 is a discount of 14 (.10 x 140) Thus after a 10 percent discount, something that costs 140 would now cost 140 - 14 = 126

Is something cost 32.99 and you have the 15 percent off how much is it?

The amount after the discount is $28.04

What is the discount when 10 percent is given on a cost price of 500?

discount =50

What is 15 percent discount of 25?

The discount is -4.25 bringing the cost down to 21.25

How do you calculate a discount?

I always use a factor of ten. Assume no matter what the discount is it is ten percent to find a ten percent discount just move the decimal point one space to the left, then take that number and subtract it from the original cost. Then in order to find a different percent discount just multiply the ten percent discount by the percent discount you are looking for, but move the decimal one space to the left again, and subtract that from the original cost. Example: something that costs $45 is on sale for 25% off. A ten percent discount would be $4.50. Multiply that by 2.5 to get$11.50. Then subtract that from the original cost to get $33.50. P.S. often times if you don't need the exact answer it is easier to round you numbers to get rid of the .5 to make the math easier.

What is the formulae of cp if profit and discount percent is given?

if profit , discount % and cost price is given write the formulae to fine cost price

What is the total cost of 16.50 CD after a 23 percent discount?


Is discount a pronoun?

No, "discount" is not a pronoun. It is a noun that refers to a deduction from the usual cost of something.

What circumstances would it be advisable to borrow money to take a cash discount?

It is advisable to borrow in order to take a cash discount when the cost of borrowing is less than the cost of foregoing the discount. If it cost us 36 percent to miss a discount, we would be much better off finding an alternate source of funds for 8 to 10 percent.

If something cost 120 and you get 10 percent off?

If something costs 120 and you get 10 percent off, you would save 12 dollars. Therefore, the item would cost 108 dollars after the discount.

What is discount percentage?

It is the percentage by which the cost of something is reduced.

A pair of pants with a arked price of 35.00 has a discount of 20 percent how much is the discount?

7.00 discount. So then these pants would cost 28.00.