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3600 times.

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Q: If the hour hand on a clock moves 1 60th of a degree per minute how many times does it move in an hour?
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How many times does the minute hand move around the clock face in one day?

If we define a day as 24 hours, the minute hand moves around the clock face once an hour. 24 times.

How many times do the minute hang and hour hang of a clock make and angle of 90 degree in day?

23 times

How many times the hour and the minute hand of a clock comes in 180 degree?

11 times in every 12 hours.

What angle in degree does the minute hand of a clock rotates in 25 times?

It rotates 25*360 = 9000 degrees.

How many times do the clock hands form a 90 degree angle in one day?

44 times in 24 hours.(Considering the hour- and minute-hands only.)

Method of finding the acute angle between the hour hand and minute hand of a clock at 4 PM?

Each minute on the clock is 1/60 of the 360 degree circle or 6 degrees. There are 20 minute lines between 12 and 4 therefore, 20 times 6 is 120 degrees.

How many times a day does a clock make a zero degree angle?

24 times. When the minute hand lines up with the hour hand that is 0 degrees. This happens every hour.

What is the angle between the 2 hands of a clock when the time is 6 o clock?

180 degrees. The hands are a straight line. Or, to be technical, you divide the clock face (360 degrees) by the number of minutes there are in half a day (clocks only record half a day: AM or PM), which is 360/12*60, so each minute is half a degree. There are 360 minutes between the twelve and the six on a clock. Half of 360 is 180. This only works for times ON THE HOUR, otherwise, the hour hand moves for every minute of time passing.

How many times does the minute hand move around the clock in 2 days?

72 times

How many times the minute hand of a clock rotates in a day?

60 times 24 = 1,440

How many times in a day angle between the minute and hour hands of a clock equal to an angle theta where 0theta180 degree?

44. 22 in each 12 hour cyccle.

How many times does the minute hand go around the clock in an hour?


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