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#1 2p + 1b = 10.60 and

#2 1p + 2b = 6.50 then

#3 p = 6.50 - 2b [from #2 above], so substitute "6.50 - 2b" for "p" in #1 above, and you get

#4 2(6.50-2b) + 1b = 10.60, or solving this

#5 13 - 4b + 1b = 10.60 which is 2.40 = 3b, solve for "b"

#6 b = .80, substitute this into #1 above

#7 2p +.80= 10.60, so

#8 2p = 9.80, or p = 4.90

so one Pizza and one bread cost 4.90 + .80 = 5.70

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Q: If two pizzas and one bread cost 10 60 and one pizza and two breads cost 6 50 what is the cost of one bread and one pizza?
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What is the difference between a controlled variable and a manipulated variable?

the independent variable is on the x-axis of the graph and left or top of a table wile the dependent variable is on y-axis of the graph and the right or botton of a table. The dependent depends on the independed ex: josh is buying a certain number of pizzas for all the people that rsvp 4 his party. graph the cost of the pizza compaired 2 the # of people that have rsvp. independent:# of people dependent: cost of the pizza because the cost depends on how many people decide to rsvp

If a 8 inch pizza cost 8 and a 16 inch cost 16 which one is cheaper?

Well because 8¢ is less than 16¢, it would be the 8 inch pizza...Now if you are wondering which one is better value, the 16" pizza has 4 times the area of the 8" pizza, but is only 2 times the cost, so obviously the 16" pizza is a better bang for the buck, so to speak.

If a seven inch pizza cost 4.00 and the price of the 14 inch is proportional to the cost of the seven inch how much would the fourteen inch pizza cost?

The area of the pizza inceases as the square of the radius (or diameter). Assuming the thickness remains the same, then the volume also increases as the square of the radius. So, double radius implies quadruple area implies quadruple cost.

Which is a better deal a 14 inch pizza that cost 9.95 or a 16 inch pizza that costs 11.95?

Find the area of each pizza & divide the price by the area to find the cost per square inch. The lowest one is the best deal.Area = PI*radius2Area (14 in.) = PI*(14/2)2 = 153.94 in2Area (16 in.) = PI*(16/2)2 = 201.06 in2Cost per sq. in (14 in.) = $9.95/154.94 in2 = $0.065/in2Cost per sq. in (16 in.) = $11.95/201.06 in2 = $0.060/in2The 16 inch pizza is the better deal. You pay 6 cents per square inch while the 14 inch pizza you pay 6 1/2 cents per square inch.

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If Jewl orders 8 pizzas for her family and each pizza cost 12.53 how much will all the pizzas cost?


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GET PIZZAS on us at LITTLE CAESARS with your participation! (Offer is avaible only for US members sorry about that) : WWW.LITTLECAESARS100.TK

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To answer this you first need to find out how much ONE pizza will cost. To do this divide the cost of 12 pizzas (9.56) by 12:9.56/12 = 0.797So if 0.797 is the cost of ONE pizza, if you multiply this by 14 this will give you the cost of 14 pizzas:0.797*14= 11.158AnswerThe above answer shows one of WA's biggest problems--the inability to put punctuation in questions. I am certain that if you could have punctuation, the question would have been "If a 12" pizza cost $9.56 how much would a 14" pizza cost?"And the real answer is, we can't say.Let's throw a few scenarios out here:Scenario 1: Pizzas are priced by diameter. In this case, a 12" pizza costs 79.7 cents per inch of diameter, therefore a 14" pizza would cost $11.16. (Which is the answer our friend above gave us, of course.)Scenario 2: Pizzas are priced by circumference. In this case, the 12" pizza (with a 37.68" circumference) costs 25.3 cents per inch, therefore the 14" pizza is $11.12. Not much different, but not exact.Scenario 3: Pizzas are priced by area, which would make a 14" pizza cost $11.00.Scenario 4: The pizzeria owner knows people who buy the 14" pizza normally don't eat it by themselves, and they don't just buy the pizza to drive traffic to her restaurant where they buy salads, breadsticks and soft drinks she charges $9.95 for it.

How much did a pizza cost in 1990?

In 1989, the cost of a 10 inch sausage pizza was about 6.50 dollars. The cost in 2014 was about two times that much.

How much does 1 small pizza cost at Pizza Hut?

Prices vary from one location to another, but their small personal sized pizzas should be around $5.00 to $8.00.

32 pizzas are ordered the bill is 537 a large pizza cost 15 and extra large 18 How many pizzas were ordered?

You can write two equations. One for the total number of pizzas; X + Y = 32 ; and another for the total cost; 15X + 18Y = 537. Solve these simultaneously to get the number of large pizzas, X ,and the number of extra large, Y.

How much does a Dominos or Pizza Hut cost in Australia?

Most of Australia's Pizza huts are pick up/delivery only. (not many restaurants) basic pizzas can be bought at $9 Australian, "deluxe" pizzas are about $12 austalian. orders must be a minum of $20 Australian for delivery.

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For vegetarian/ vegan pizzas - 'Viva Cafe Natural Pizza' on 2nd Ave. They also have gluten free options. Cost: $7 - $14 small, $10 - $20 large.

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The cost of 16 ounces of bread can vary depending on the brand, quality, and location. On average, a loaf of bread weighing 16 ounces may cost between $2 to $5. It is best to check with local grocery stores or bakeries for specific pricing.