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x >2

x2 - x - 6/(x2 - 4)

(x + 2)(x - 3)/(x + 2)(x - 2)

cross out x + 2

(x - 3)/(x - 2)

this is the most simplified this can be

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Q: If x is greater than 2 than x squared minus x minus 6 divided by x squared minus 4 equals?
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Which graph shows the inequality x squared divided by 2 squared minus y squared divided by 2 squared greater than or equal to 1?

None of the graphs that I can see!

6 divided by 11 minus 1 divided by2 equals?

6 divided by 11 minus 1 divided by 2 equals?

What is x minus 3 divided by x squared minus x minus 6?


Three squared minus 2 squared equals?

It is: 9-4 = 5

In matrix multipliccation when does A plus B times A minus B equals A squared minus B squared?

All the time

What is a minus divided by a minus equals?

÷/÷ = +

X squared minus 2x minus 3 divided by x minus 3?

x + 1

If x squared minus y squared equals 10 and x plus y equals 5 what is x minus y?


Five squared minus ten equals x?


What is the horizontal asymptote of f x equals x squared minus 9 divided by x squared minus 4?

y = 1. When the degree of your numerator is the same with the degree of your denominator, then y = the ratio of the leading coefficients of the numerator and denominator is the horizontal asymptote.

Minus 15 divided by minus 3 equals?


How do you answer E squared times 2 to the 5th power times 3 divided by 6 to the 7th power times 3 minus 4 squared times pi equals 42?

The answer depends on what the question is!

What is the product of four x squared minus one over two x squared minus five x minus three and x squared minus six x plus nine over two x squared plus five x minus three?

By factoring I get x-3 divided by x+3

When you subtract 2 square numbers the answer is twelve?

4 squared minus 2 squared equals 12

How do you do pythagorean theorem when you have a and c?

B squared equals c squared minus a squared then to find B take the square root of you answer for b squared

X squared minus 6x minus 16 divided by x plus 2?


X squared minus 8x plus 15 divided by x minus 5?

x - 3

7x squared plus x minus 8 divided by x minus 1?

7x + 8

4x squared plus 12x minus 40 divided by x minus 2?

4x + 20

X squared minus 8x plus 15 divided by x minus 3?

x - 5

What is 18x squared minus 9x minus 14 equals 0?

x = -2/3,7/6

6b squared minus 3b divided by 3b?

2b - 1

What does a minus divide a minus equal?

Anything divided by itself equals one.

What is sine squared theta subtract six cosine squared theta divided by one minus seven cosine squared theta?

It is 1.

X squared plus y squared minus 1 all cubed then minus the product of x squared times y cubed that all equals 0 How do you solve for y?

You have to put your heart into it!