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I don't knw all the possible numbers, but π is an example. π2 is irrational such as π.

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Q: If x is irrational what would x be if x squared is irrational?
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If x is irrational what would x be if x squared is rational?

It would simply be the irrational square root of a rational number. There is no special name for it.

What type of number is X squared equals 23?

x is an irrational number

Why is 12 squared irrational?

12 squared is not irrational. It's 144 .

Why 20 squared is an irrational number?

20 squared is not an irrational number. 202 = 400.

Is 16 squared a irrational?


X plus 1 squared -8 equals 0?

The roots are unequal and irrational 6.701562118716424 and 0.29843788128357573...

What is x squared x squared x x?

do you mean (x2)(x2)(x)(x) would equal x6

Is 289 squared irrational?

No, it is rational.

Is 14 squared irrational?

No, it is rational.

What is x y squared?

x y squared is a formula For Example- Say x was 3 and y was 5 squared Then it would be 3 squared times 5 squared 9x25=225 That would be your result..... Although... If the variables had no numbers in the equations answer... Then the answer would stay the same x y (squared)

Is 5 squared a irrational number?

5 squared is 5*5 is 25. 25 is not an irrational number.

Is the square of an irrational number rational?

Sometimes. eg the irrational number √2 squared is 2 which is rational (2 = 2/1) eg the irrational number √(√2) squared is √2 which is irrational.

Is the radius of a circle is irrational would the area must be irrational?

Yes and the area of any circle is an irrational number because its area is pi*radius squared whereas pi is an irrational number.

What does x squared plus 5 x plues 150 equal?

x2 +5x+150 factors of 150 are ... actually this is an irrational equation

Is 144 square root irrational?

Not irrational, 12 squared equals 144.

Are all irrational numbers squared irrational?

Any number that can't be expressed as a fraction is an irrational number.

Is 64 squared rational or irrational?


Is pi squared rational?

No because pi still remains as an irrational when squared.

Is 20 squared rational or irrational?

20 squared is 400 which is a rational number

Is 102 squared irrational?

No because 102 squared is 10404 which is a rational number

What is the equation of a circle whose radius is 7 in?

General formula for a circle is X squared + Y squared = radius squared. So the answer would be x squared + y squared = 2.64575131 squared

What would x equal if x squared equals 40?

If x squared = 40 then x = square root of 40 = +/- 6.3255555

Why is square root of two an irrational number?

Because there is no number of the form x = p/q where p and q are integers such that x-squared = 2.

How do you factor the expression x squared minus 2?

The polynomial is not factorable with rational numbers. If you want to use irrational numbers it would be x minus the square root of 2 times x plus the square root of 2.

Is 2 squared an irrational number?

22=4, so no, it's not an irrational number.