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Wow! You are doing great! A good healthy evening meal would be baked chicken or fish with some fresh or dried herbs to make it taste better, as well as steamed vegetables without butter or with I can't believe it's not butter, as well as green leafy vegetables and fruit. Good luck and God Bless:)

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โˆ™ 2006-07-12 23:12:43
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Q: If you are following the Slimfast plan having two shakes per day what would be a good healthy evening meal if you are trying to lose 40 pounds in 3 months and you are exercising 5 times per week?
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what helps 13 yr. Olds lose weight?


What makes the healthy children healthy?

Healthy children become healthy by eating nutritiously and exercising.

Are you healthy if you are skinny?

no coz you could not eat healthy by not exercising

Why is exercising healthy for you?

It prevents from disease.

How do you get skinny with out exercising?

Eating healthy food

How does 60 min of exercising per day keep the mind and the body healthy?

Exercising keeps your physical and mental health in a good shape. Both of them support each other and this is why people say that "exercising keeps your body and mind healthy".

How do you keep the musuclar system healthy?

By reading Twilight!!! and exercising. and eating healthy. everything you do to keep your body healthy, will keep the system healthy.

Why do people need exercise to stay healthy?

People need exercise to stay healthy because it keeps them fit. But exercising is not the only way to stay healthy. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can also keep you healthy. You don't always have to depend on exercising to stay healthy. But it is important to be active.

What lifestyle choices help keep bones healthy and strong?

a healthy diet and exercising daily

Which one of the following choices is the best way to control type II diabetes?

The best ways to control type II diabetes is adopting a healthy diet and exercising.

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by keeping a healthy diet and exercising

How do you avoid unhealthy body?

By eating healthy and exercising regularly

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It makes your muscles strong and healthy

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you can keep it healthy by exercising every day and eating the right things.

Do you know if Slimfast has any ideas for acheiving a quick and easy weight loss?

SlimFast promotes healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss is neither "quick" nor is it "easy." It may appear to be easy, based on some of the claims made by various products and plans. But it's not. It takes planning, discipline. patience and motivation, as well as a willingness to change one's habits and lifestyle. SlimFast has free site with meal planning tools, calorie calculators, nutritional information and a raft of articles about how to lose weight and get health:

How can you keep a healthy and active lifestyle?

by exercising regularly, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

What are the three things you need to be healthy?

Eating healthy food, exercising and staying active even though there is more!

What is the ability to stay healthy and fit as you age?

Following healthy habits and cutting all the bad ones. The most common things people are doing wrong is not exercising enough, using excessive amounts of alcohol, drugs or tobacco and eating poorly.

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It keeps your body in and shape and helps your body stay healthy.

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by exercising, and eating healthy.

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You mostly gain weight by not eatting healthy and not exercising

What are the best rated diets for healthy weight loss?

Nutrisystem, WeightWatchers, and SlimFast are the most popular at the moment. They have many customers who have made positive reviews and ratings on them.

What are the best practices for managing a diet?

The best practices for managing a diet include eating healthy and exercising. A healthy diet includes all of the food groups and exercising daily aids in keeping the calories down.

How do sports keep us healthy and fit?

Cause playing is like exercising and that make our body healthy ..!

What are the benefits of exercising regularly?

The benefits of exercising regularly are many. Exercise is healthy for a person, as it keep the body fit, and also keeps muscles and respiratory systems healthier. Exercise can also help maintain a healthy weight.