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You have not provided enough information. To solve this problem, you will use the kinematics equations. Take a look at these equations, you will discover that you have too many unknowns to solve for.

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Q: If you can throw a baseball 300 ft what would your velocity be at 60 ft?
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If Nick can throw a baseball 300 feet how far can he throw a softball?

im not sure what the distance would be but i do know that it would be shorter, it is harder to throw a softball then it is to throw a baseball Disregard the fact that this person answered your question. The correct answer is the same distance as a baseball.

How far can a professional baseball player throw a baseball?


What is a sentence you could put the word velocity?

"The velocity of the bullet was 300 metres per second."

If Johnny could throw a baseball 300 ft and Billy could throw one 70 percent as far as Ted and Johnny could only throw it 20 feet farther than Billy how far can Ted throw?

Ted can throw 400ft Johnny can throw 300ft Billy can throw 280ft (70% of 400ft and 20ft less than Johnny)

Which paintball gun has the greatest velocity?

All paintball markers are chronographed to the same velocity of around 290-300 FPS.

What is the critical velocity of 2.5 inch fire hose?

300 GPM

If a baseball player has 1000 at bats in a season and he receives no walks how many hits would be needed to have .300 batting percentage?


Can the average velocity of a particle be zero but not its average speed?

Yes, since velocity is speed and direction its average can be zero. For example say a plane flies from point A to point B at 300 mph and turns around to go from B to A at 300 mph; its average velocity is 0 since it is in the same spot as it started ( the velocity vectors cancel) but its average speed is 300 mph.

Who was last MLB pitcher to throw 300 innings in a season?

The last MLB pitcher to throw 300+ innings in a season was Steve Carlton of the Philadelphia Phillies who threw 304 innings in 1980.

What is the wavelength of a 300 gram object moving at a velocity of about 100 mph?

The mass and velocity of an object do not determine its wavelength: it could be travelling in a straight line!

What is the velocity of a 2000 kg car possessing 300 kg ms of monmentuem?

Just use the definition of momentum, as mass x velocity. In this case, you need to divide the momentum by the mass, to get the velocity.

A car travels west for 300 km in 6h that is the cars velocity?

50 km/hr