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Pamela, Sure you can move the feed yourself. Couple things to keep in mind ok. Where you splice the wires has to be in a junction box , that junction box has to remain accessible in case you ever need to get to it again. You cover the box with a 4x4 metal blank plate. If you are moving an oven you would need #8/3 NMD wires and blue wire nuts on the insulated conductors and a red on the grounds. You can get all that from Home Depot. Make sure the wire nuts are on tight, usually when you're using #8, you'll have to tighten those by hand first, then you can put your linesman pliers on them to get the last couple turns. Always make sure the breaker is turned off before you do any work on the circuit and if doubt, call a qualified electrician.


Make sure you use the same type wire - aluminum to aluminum or copper to copper. Mixing copper and aluminum causes severe corrosion problems and is an extreme fire hazard if not done correctly.

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Q: If you move a wall oven 10 feet can you move the 240V feed to the new location by yourself?
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