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That will happen if you have 5 integers.

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Q: If you put several integers in order least to greatest and greatest to least how is it that the same number is always third in order?
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When several different integers in order from least to greates than put the same integers in order from greatest to least both times the same number was third in order how is this possible?

This will work as long as "five" is an acceptable substitute for "several".

How would you use a number line to put integers in order from greatest to least?

Smaller numbers always go to the left of larger number on the number line.

Is the difference of two integers always an integer?

Yes, the difference between two integers is always a whole number.

What is the greatest common factor of 6 and 7.5?

Greatest common factor is defined for integers, not for just any number.

Explain two ways you can use a number line to order the integers โ€“3, +1, and โ€“10?

Sample Response: Order by value: On a number line, the integers to the left are less than the integers to the right. Order by magnitude: On a number line, the integers farther from zero have a greater magnitude. Least to greatest value: โ€“10, โ€“3, +1. Least to greatest magnitude: +1, โ€“3, โ€“10.

What is the greatest number that belongs to the sets of integers and rational numbers but not in natural and whole numbers?

the greatest number that is an integer and rational number but is not a natural or whole number is -1

What are consecutive integers with the sum of 116?

The sum of two consecutive integers will always be an odd number.

Is every rational number a real number true or false?

Yes. Rational numbers are always the quotient of two integers. Integers are always real, and you cannot divide a real number by another real number and get an imaginary number. So, true.

What is the Greatest Common Multiple of 15 and 30?

There is really no such thing as a "greatest common multiple". Once you find the least common multiple of a set of numbers, you can keep adding the LCM to itself over and over again. Each new number you get will be a common multiple of your set of numbers, but each new number will always be larger than the previous. This means that you can keep adding while the number approaches infinity and you will still never find a greatest multiple.

Which is greater the greatest whole number with five digits or the least whole number with 6 digits?

Integers of 6 digits are normally greater than integers of 5 digits

What is the greatest number and least number rounded 30000?

For integers to the nearest ten thousand, 25000 to 34999

How do you get the gcm of a number?

The greatest common multiple of any set of integers is infinite.

Why are integers always included in rational numbers?

A rational number is a number than can be written p/q with p and q integers Any integers can be written this was with q=1

Why is the quotient of two integers always a rational number?

Probably because that's more or less the definition of "rational number": a number that can be expressed as a ratio of integers.

Ted put several integers in order from least to greatestHe then put the same integers in order from greatest to leastboth times the same number was third in orderexplain how this is possible?

Ted used five integers. EXAMPLE: 1 2 3 4 5 5 4 3 2 1

How can using a number line helm you list integers in order from least to greatest?

If you place the numbers on the number line, they go from the least to the greatest as you go from left to right.

If a number is an integer then is it a rational?

Yes, integers are always rational.

What does adding and subtracting integers have in common?

I would think that the commonality of adding and subtracting integers is that the answer itself will always be an integer. In other words, the answer is always gonna be a "whole number".

What are the greatest multiples of 63 and 54?

The greatest multiple of any set of integers is an infinite number and not very practical for everyday use.

What is the greatest and least numbers when the rounded number is 30000?

As integers they are: 29,999 and 29,500 respectively

What is the greatest possible number that rounds off to 700?

Integers to the nearest hundred, 749.

What is a quotient of two integers that is always a rational number?

It is an incomplete definition of a rational number.

What are the characteristics of least common factors?

The least common factor of a set of numbers is always 1. There are several ways of characterising the number 1. In the context of factors, it is the multiplicative identity for numbers - and that includes the set of integers. That is to say 1*n = n for all integers n.

What are the greatest and least numbers of 45000?

For integers to the nearest thousand: 44500 to 45499.

What is the greatest number that is a factor 0f 2 or more integers?

That's the greatest common factor, or GCF.