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33% of $5,000.00 = $1,650.00

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Q: If you take 33 percent of 5000 dollars how much is that?
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How long would it take to pay back 5000 dollars at 200 a month?

It would take two years and one month to pay 5000 dollars back at 200 dollars a month.

If you have 228.00 dollars and take off 75 percent how much is that?


How long would it take to spend a million dollars if you spend 5000 dollars a day?

200 days

What is 5 percent of 60 dollars?

3 dollars if 50 percent of 60 dollars is 30 dollars take the zero off and that's your answer

What is 15 percent taken off of 120 dollars?

15 percent of 120 dollars is 18 dollars. If you take it away from the 120 dollars, there are 102 dollars remaining.

How much will you have if you take ten percent of 25 dollars?

10% of 25 is 2.5 The remainder 90% is 22.5

How long does it take to make 5000 dollars?

Depends on what your wage is... or however you are going to acquire the money.

How yo take 25 percent away from 48 dollars?

by taking 12 dollars.

If you take 3 percent from 53992 dollars how much will you have?

$53992 x (1 - (3/100)) = $53992 x 0.97 = $54312.24

What is 80 percent off 80 dollars?

If you take 80% of 80 dollars away, you are left with 16 dollars.

What is 25 Percent out of 433 Dollars?

divide the 25 percent to 100 and you will end up with a figure of 0.25 take the 433 and times it buy the 0.25 and that would be your 25 percent of 433 dollars

What Is 60 dollars take away 50 percent?


How much spending money should I take trip to New York City?

I would recomend If your driving 3000-5000 Dollars but if by plane not including ticket then about 1500 oh by the way this is if your going with your family

How many dollars is 5000 cents?

There are 100 cent in 1 dollar. To work this equation, the algebraic formula would look something like this: X/1=5000/100 You know that for every 100 cents, there is 1 dollar. You would want to see how many times you can take 100 cents (1 dollar) out of the 5000 cent. This can be done 50 times. There are 50 dollars in 5000 cent.

How much cash can you take to Italy?

I believe up to $5000

John bought a camera on sale that normally cost 160 dollars if the price was reduced by 20 percent during the sale how much was the camera?

10% of 160 dollars is 16 dollars so 20% must be 32 dollars, so if you take 32 dollars away from the original price of 160 dollars the sale price would be 128 dollars.

What is 10 percent from 229 dollars?

10% of 229 dollars is $22.90. When you take that off $229.00, it is 206.10.

If you have 100 dollars and take of 10 percent how much is that?

Ten percent of 100 is ten dollars. Percents are very easy with 100. For example, 2 percent of 100 is 2 and 23 percent of 100 is 23. The pattern is pretty clear.This is because percent means part of 100. That is what the "cen" part means. Think of the words century (100 years), cents (100 in a dollar). These examples may help you remember it.

How many steps does it take to hatch a Pokemon egg in emerald?

3000-5000 steps about im not 100% percent sure

Why is it possible to have an increase of 150 percent in price but not a 150 percent decrease in price?

Think of it like this, you have 2 dollars. 2 dollars is 100 percent, so 150 is 3 dollars. However there is no negative percentage, so if you have 2 dollars can you take away 3? No, so that means u can never have a deduction of more than you have with percentages.

How long will it take to pay off 1000 dollars if you pay the minimum of 35 dollars at 18 percent interest rate?


What is 40 percent off of 18 dollars?

7.20 is 40% off of 18 dollars .The real cost then will be to take off 7.20 from the 18 dollars and the result is 10.80

What us silver dollar is worth over 5000 dollars?

Lots and lots of them. Take a look at some of the price guides linked below.

Describe a procedure for finding the price of a discounted item if you know the percent of the discount?

If your item is 50 dollars and the discount is 10 percent, you can divide 50 by 10 which would be five dollars off. It the discount is 20 percent, you can take 5 times 2 which would be 10 dollars off. Always begin by figuring out a 10 percent discount and multiply from there.

What is 2 and a half percent of 880 thousand dollars?

You take 880000*2.5%=22000