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17.455 meters

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Why does a bomber not drop its bomb vertically above the target?

If the bomber drops the bomb vertically over the target the wind will carry it away missing the target. But if he drops it away from the target then the bomb will glide into it.

When a rifle is fired at a distant target the barrel is not lined up exactly on the target so does the angle of correction depend on the distance of the target?

nope, the angle is the same whether the target is 5 feet away or 500 feet away.. but the difficulty of nailing the exact angle gets greater the farther away the target is.

Does payson Utah have a target?

is there a Target store in Payson, Ut.and if not how far away is there one

Does target or k-mart have lay-away?

K-Mart has layaway.

Why would you need a 2 degree upright in your irons?

You can just move away from. The ball an inch to get same results

What should be the initial velocity of a rocket if it to hit a target 1000 km away?

initial velocity would be ZERO before launch. To calculate the velocity you would need to hit that target at that distance you would need to know the mass of the rocket and the angle of launch or trajectory simplifying it

What is the archer's distance from the target?

77 yards away

Can I get a scholarship to get a online degree in accounting?

Any college would do for a degree, the best thing you can do is research and learn about what the school has to offer you and what you can take away from it. I believe you can not receive a scholarship for online classes.

How do you edit the 'target' box in a shortcut?

Right-click the icon Select properties There will be a text box next to the word "target." Edit away!

What is the distance that the target will be missed if you use a twelve gauge shotgun sighted in at one hundred yards the target is fifteen feet down and thirty five to forty yards away?

hard to tell if you were shooting it, I would not miss!

What is distance-to-target concept?

The farther away, depending on the weapon, the higher above the target one must aim.

How come your airsoft pistol shoots up like you would shoot strait at a target 5 feet away and it would totally miss it?

Needs to be looked at by a trained repair person.

What is the difference between field target and 3D archery?

Field target archery is when your in a field and your a long distance away from the target and 3D archery is like doing archery inside.

How did sailing ship sail away from an attack?

By turning away and presenting the smallest possible target to the opposing force.

Why nursing need bachelor's degree?

A bachelor's is not a requirement for a registered nurse (RN). Many individuals start with an associates degree. I would strongly suggest you stay away from a hospital diploma program. That being said, the higher the degree, the more opportunities that will be open to you.

How far away is abbys pizza place from target?

3 miles.

What should you do if you have a first degree burn?

Run away!!!!

How can you throw a water balloon into a target 50 meters away?

There are many ways in which you could throw a water balloon into a target 50 meters away including throwing it with your hands. You could also use a balloon launcher.

How do you point your arrow up and still hit the target?

Simple physics. You have the same target using your x axis (which would be your aim from left to right) Though in three dimensions with constant gravity your arrow will reach the ground eventually. If your target is far enough away you will need to point your arrow up to counter the effects of gravity.

How do you round to the nearest degree?

-- If the fractional part of the angle is less than 1/2 degree, just throw away the fraction and forget about it. -- If the fractional part of the angle is 1/2 degree or more, add one to the degrees and throw away the fraction.

Is rochville university a good collegeto obtain a degree?

Answer 1: Rochville is on of the most notorius degree mills out there. STAY AWAY!

What winds blow away from the 30 degree latitudes?

Trade winds

What degree you need to be a nurse?

The are a few options, however I would strongly recommend staying away from anything that is not a college or university based degree (such as a hospital based diploma program.) You can pursue a career as a registered nurse through the community college systems (associates degree), or pursue a bachelors degree in nursing (BSN) through a four year college or university.

What is the target market in hotel?

Hotels target persons who are away from their home and need temporary accommodations. Some of the people in the hotel target population include vacationers, travelling salesmen, and travelling executives. Hotels also have in their target population, organizations needing conference and meeting facilities.

How do torpedos look like?

There are active and passive technologies that allow torpedoes to detect targets. A passive system would detect sound to know when a target is nearby. An active system, such as sonar, sends out a signal from the torpedo and listens for the signal to return, )from bouncing off the target). The active system is used to guide the torpedo to the target, because the return signal indicates the speed and direction of the target, which allows the target to be tracked and intercepted. How does the return signal reveal the speed and direction of the target? Well, the direction the signal returns from indicates where it must have bounced off something, and the frequency to the signal, (typically the soundwave carrying the "ping" sound seen in movies), will change depending on speed. If a target is coming at you fast, the soundwave frequency will rise. If the target is going away the frequency will drop. You can hear this yourself by standing on an overpass. The traffic coming toward you will make a sound that rises in frequency and pitch as it approaches (assuming constant speed), and the traffic going away will have a lower pitch that drops further as it moves away.