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Because there was no year '0'; If you were born in 1BC you would be turning 2015 in the year 2016. If you were born in 1AD you would be turning 2014 in the year 2016.

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Q: If you were born in the year 1 how old are you?
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If your baby was born in 2009 how old would he be?

In 2010, 1 year

How old is a 1 year old girl?

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If you were born in the year 1 how old would you be?

If 1 AD, you would be 2009 years old If 1 BC, you would be 2009 years old There was no year 0. Christ was born in 2 BC If you are going by the Hebrew calendar, you would be 6036 years old.

How old will you be on Pluto if you are born in 2000?

less than 1 year old because it takes 284 years to make 1 orbit

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Age Now = Year Now - Year of Birth (if the person has had their birthday this year, and one less if they have not).

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If the year is 2009 and you're 27 yrs old then the year you were born is 1982.

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