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the dependent variable


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Q: In a scientific experiment the responding variable can also be called the?
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The variable that is observed during an experiment is called what type OS variable?

The responding or dependent variable

Factor in a scientific experiment that is subject to change?

A factor in a scientific experiment that is subject to change is called a variable.

What is is a responding variable?

It means the factor that changes as a result of changes to the manipulated, or independent, variable in an experiment; also called dependent variable.

In a scientific method the factor that may change in response to the manipulated variable is called the responding or?

It is called the dependent variable because it depends on what the independent variable is doing.

A variable measured in an experiment?

The variable measured in an experiment is called the dependent variable" the outcome factor". In contrast, the independent variable is the experimental factor that is manipulated; the variable who effect is being studied.

The single variable that is deliberately changed in the experiment is the?

Independent variable. The dependent variable is the one that is affected by the independent variable, for example-y=2x+2This is the equation of a line. X is deliberately changed to find y hence - y is the dependent variable and x is the independent variable.

What is the scientific name of the main item to conduct the experiment?

The main item of an experiment is called a variable!!

In an experiment to determine the effect of different temperatures on the rate at which bananas ripen, what is the manipulated variable and the responding variable?


What is a minipulated variable for a science experiment?

A manipulated variable is one that the scientist or tester is testing and changing. It is also called the independent variable. The responding variable is the one that responds to the changes and is measured for results. It is also called the dependent variable.

What part of a scientific experiment do you change or manipulate?

The part of an experiment that you test or manipulate change is called your independent variable.

What is the difference between a dependant and independent variable in an experiment?

The independent variable is what you did differently in the experiment compared to the controlled experiment; it's also called manipulated variable. The dependent variable is what changed in the experiment as a result of the independent variable; it's also called the responding variable x hope this helps :)

What variable that is effected by the manipulated variable is called?

responding variable