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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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You have to have a hypothetical

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Q: In addition to a label what other piece of information must the axes on a graph include?
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Why is it important to include a label on the axis that has the scale hen making a double-bar graph?

It is important to include a label on the axis of anygraph.It is important to include a label on the axis of anygraph.It is important to include a label on the axis of anygraph.It is important to include a label on the axis of anygraph.

Where on a line graph records what you are measuring?

The information must be given on the axis label or in the title of the graph.

When making a graph it's important to include a and the axes?

title; label

Label Maker?

form_title= Label Maker form_header= Keep everything organized with a label maker! Will the labels need to be water-proof?*= () Yes () No What specific information do you want to include on the label?*= _ [100] Would you like to include your logo on the label?*= () Yes () No

What is the difference between axis label and a label in a bar graph?

axis labels are x and y while bar graph labels explain what the graph is representing.

What do you label on the x and y axes of a graph?

The variables that you are plotting on the graph!

What part of the graph tells you what the bars or lines represent?

There are various different ways to graph information, but the part that tells you what the bars or lines represent is called a label. A label might appear next to a line, or a bar, or it might only appear on the x axis and the y axis.

What is a series of number placed at fixed distance on a graph to help label the graph?

An axis.

In addition to label and UN number what information must appear on the outside package contain acetone?

quantity of dangerous goods

Which of the following information is not found on the nutrition facts label Expiration date or Servings per package or Sodium levels or Calories from fat?

Nutrition facts box does not include an expiration date. That information is usually found elsewhere on the label.

What are the steps in preparing a graphical representation of experimental data?

construct a graph, label the graph, present the data

What are the TAILS of a graph?

title,axis,interval,label and scale

Why should you title and label your graph?

to know what is the thing that you are expiramenting

What is the label for the Y-axis on this graph?


What are the four major parts of a graph?

The Title of the graph, The X and Y Axis label's, Units of measurements, and a Key to help identify different parts of a graph.

What information woukd you find on a WHMIS label?

You will get the supplier information from a WHMIS label.

What do you label the horizontal axis on a graph?

The label should indicate what is being measured along the axis, and the units used for these measurements.

Label Printer ?

form_title= Label Printer form_header= Organize your business with a label printer! Will the labels need to be water-proof?*= () Yes () No What specific information do you want to include on the label?*= _ [100] How often will your print labels?= {Daily, Once a Week, Once Every 2 Weeks, Once a Month, Not Sure}

What should you be sure to do when making a graph?

Create a title and label the axis.

How should a misleading graph be drawn to make it clearer?

label the axises

What is the most important part of a graph?

It is somewhat subjective what the most important part of a graph is. It is very important that you label each axis.

In addition to the label which markings on packages identify a material as hazardous?

In addition to the label, the markings on packages that identify a material as hazardous are the UN ID number and the Proper Shipping Name

What does title mean in math?

tittle on graph is a label for the graph tittle on a table lables the table depends which tittle u mean

How do you make a x y graph?

Just label one axis x and the other axis y. Voila!! x y graph!

How many ounces in a jar of spaghetti sauce?

It depends on the size of the jar. The label affixed to any particular jar should include that information.

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