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Y would decrease in value as X increases in value.

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Q: In an inverse relationship how do the values of y change as the values of x increase?
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In an inverse relationship how do the values of y change as the values of x is decreased?

The value of y increases, such that x*y remains a constant.

Reduce type 1 error?

Accept lower p-values (meaning lower in magnitude; values tending toward zero).--And don't forget that by reducing the probability of getting a type I error, you increase the probability of getting a type II error (inverse relationship).

What is the relationship between two data sets when one data set of data values increases while the other decreases?

There is an inverse relationship between the datasets.

What is relationship between two sets of data as one set of values decreases as the other set increases?

Inverse proportion

What is the relationship between two data sets when their data values increase or decrease together?

It is a positive relationship.

Is it always true for an inverse relation that the product of the two inversely related variables is constant?

It can't always be true. What if an inverse relationship crosses the origin, or one of the axes? In that case, at least one of the values (and therefore the product) will be zero.

What kind of relationship exists between the variables if your r value is close to plus 1?

When r is close to +1 the variables have a positive correlation between them; as the x-values increase, the corresponding y-values increase. There is also a strong linear correlation or relationship between the variables, when the value of r is close to +1.

How would you expect Rf values to change if you went from hexane-ethyl acetate solvent system to ethyl acetate only?

the rf values would increase

What does the value of a correlation coefficent reflects?

A correlation reflects the strength of the relationship between two variables. A correlation doesn't reflect causation, but merely that two phenomena are present at the same time. The closer the value is to 1, the stronger the relationship between two variables is. This value can be positive or negative. A negative value merely indicates that, as the values on one variable increase, the values on the second variable decrease. A positive correlation indicates that both values will increase or decrease together.

What is an inverse relationship between x and y?

That depends on the original relation. For any relation y = f(x) the domain is all acceptable values of x and the range, y, is all answers of the function. The inverse relation would take all y values of the original function, what was the range, and these become the domain for the inverse, these must produce answers which are a new range for this inverse, which must match the original domain. IE: the domain becomes the range and the range becomes the domain. Ex: y = x2 is the original relation the inverse is y = =/- square root x Rules to find the inverse are simple substitute x = y and y = x in the original and solve for the new y. The notation is the original relation if y = f(x) but the inverse is denoted as y = f -1(x), (the -1 is not used as an exponent, but is read as the word inverse)

In a positive correlation scatter plot as the values of the domain increase what do the values of the range do?

The values of the range also tend to increase.

What are the relationship between values goals and standard?

Relationship between values goals and standard

What is the place value relationship when the same two numbers are next to each other in a multi-digit number?

In the decimal system, place values increase by a power of ten. If the numbers are the same, their relationship would be ten to one.

What is the inverse of the square root of 3x minus 7?

to find the inverse of a function you switch the x and y values, then solve for y. so y=(3x-7)^1/2 would change into x=(3y-7)^1/2. then you would square both sides to get rid of the square root and solve for y

How does technology affect our values today?

as expected by the proper values there is an increase in technology by an increase of money and research

What is the difference between advertisement and propagandas?

advertisement is an attempt to get you to purchase a product. Propaganda is an attempt to change your personal beliefs or values. Therefore an advertisement is in relationship to a particular product, propaganda is in relationship to ideology.

If values for x and y vary as an inverse proportion?

their product is a constant i think... hope that helps :)

What is the absolute value function?

It is a function that leaves all non-negative values unchanged but changes all negative values to their additive inverse (that is, their positive equivalent).

What is the constant of portionality?

If two variables are directly proportional to one another then the constant of proportionality is the ratio of their values. If they are in inverse proportion then the constant of proportionality is the product of their values.

When a low outlier is take out how will the mean median and mode change?

The mean will increase substantially. The median may increase slightly or substantially - depending on how many observations are in the central values of the distribution. The mode should not change at all.

Can a best fit line be inverse?

Yes, but not at the level of mathematics you are at. In elementary statistics, the line of best fit (if it exists) is always a straight line representing a linear relationship between two variables. The equation of the line is most often calculated using the least squares method. [This minimises the sum of the squares of the vertical differences between the values "predicted" by the line and those actually recorded. The process always leads to a straight line. However, in more advanced statistics, you will learn about transformations. If the relationship between two variables, X and Y, is an inverse relationship, then the relationship between 1/X and Y is linear and you can fit a linear best fit line to the data set given by 1/X and Y. This can then be used to calculate the best fit inverse curve.

What characterized a relationship?

The moral values of the people in the relationship.

Do laws change values or do values change laws?

In fact, laws can be establish because of values. People creat laws depending on the values of their society, so values change laws.

If p q and q r what is the relationship between the values p and r?

Ifp < q and q < r, what is the relationship between the values p and r? ________________p

How can a line graph help you investigate the relationship between two sets of data?

The general shape of the line indicates whether the relationship is linear, quadratic, polynomial, power, inverse etc. It will also help determine whether the relationship remains the same over the whole domain or changes. The scatter of the observations about a line gives a measure of the variation in the observations about the values that might be expected from the line graph.