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Math can be difficult at times. To simplify a math expression, it is important to follow the order of operations, or PEMDAS.

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Q: In math how do you simplify an expression?
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What does evaluate meen in math?

In math evaluating is where you simplify an expression as much as possible. For example to evaluate 5+2 you simplify it so it is 7. To evaluate 5x+3x+4y you simplify it to 8x+4y.

Simplify the given expression 2x 2 2?

The simplify of 2 times 2 take away 2 equals 2. This is a math problem.

How do you simplify math?

You can't. Math is not an algebraic expression. Simplifying an equation, however, can take multiple forms. Sometimes simplify simply means to solve an equation. Other times, it can mean to bring an equation into a standard form, such as with line equations, or quadratic equations.

What is the relationship between a math term and a math expression?

A math expression is a collection of math terms

How do you simplify a radical expression?

The answer depends on the form of the radical expression.

What does mean to simplify a algebraic expression?

What does it mean to simplify an algebraic expression?It means to take the problem to the lowest point you can take it to.

What is a variable expression in math?

a variable expression in math is a symbol that is in a sentence

How can you simplify the expression to a number without knowing any number value for the variable k?

You have not told us what expression you wish to simplify.

How do you simplify a expression for an area problem?

The answer depends on what expression you do have and for what kind of shape!

Why should you simplify each radical in a radical expression before adding?

It is easier to work with simplified radicals just as it is easier to work with simplified fractions. A fundamental rule for math is to simplify whenever possible, as much as possible.

12 Simplify this expression 13 plus 12 5?

Simplifying 13 plus 12 times 5 equals 125. This is considered a math problem.

How do you simplify an expression?

you use a mathematical formula ...

Simplify the expression 7c6 3c2?


Can you simplify this expression 12a plus a?


What is simplify math?

5x +50x

Simplify the given expression 2x 2 -2?

The simplest form of 2 times 2 take 2 equals 2. his is taught in math class.

How do you simplify expessions?

To simplify an expression you must combine the variables and the constants. Then write the simplified version of the expression so that the expression isn't solved, just simplified. 1a+2(a+5)=2a+7

Simplify each expression 7a a?


What is it to find the value of an algebraic expression?

to simplify!!* * * * *No. It is to EVALUATE.

Simplify the expression 32y - 5y?


What can you simplify an expression by combining what?

Like Terms and Variables

Can you solve a math expression?

No. An expression cannot be solved.

What does the word reduce mean in math?

in math terms reduce means to simplify

What does simplify the expression mean?

to simplify an expression means to take all the like terms and make them one. for example if the expression is 2x+5x+1x-4 , you would simplify it by adding 2x,5x,&1x because they are all alike... it would become 8x-4

To substitute a value for each variable in an expression and simplify the resulting numerical expression?

imadummy property