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Q: In which process the PV indicator diagram is a straight line parallel to volume axis?
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What is a straight line assembly process?

A straight line assembly process is a manufacturing process in many factories. With the straight line the product moves along the assembly line from start to finish.

is the process of using one base file for two or more parallel activities like customization?


How do you graph when the equation is not slope intercept form?

To graph an equation that is not in slope-intercept form, you can use the process of finding points on the graph and plotting them. Choose a few x-values, plug them into the equation to find the corresponding y-values, and plot those points on the graph. Then, connect the points with a smooth line to complete the graph.

What are the definition of parallel testing type?

The process of feeding test data into two systems, the modified system and an alternative system (possibly the original system) and comparing results.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of data flow diagram?

Advantages of data flow diagram:· A simple graphical technique which is easy to understand.· It helps in defining the boundaries of the system.· It is useful for communicating current system knowledge to the users.· It is used as the part of system documentation file.· It explains the logic behind the data flow within the system.Disadvantages of data flow diagram:· Data flow diagram undergoes lot of alteration before going to users, so makes the process little slow.· Physical consideration are left out.· It make the programmers little confusing towards the system.· Different DFD models have different symbols like in Gane and Sarson process is represented as rectangle where as in DeMarco and Yourdan symbol it is represented as eclipse.

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T-S diagram of in compressible fluid flow?

In the T-S diagram for incompressible fluid flow, the specific volume remains constant, resulting in vertical lines on the diagram. The process line in the T-S diagram would be a vertical line, parallel to the entropy axis. This is because the entropy remains constant for incompressible flow.

Explain Process PCB and Proces state diagram?

explain process, pcb and process state diagram.

What is processing diagram?

It is a diagram depicting a business process flow.

Explain listing process with suitable example and Diagram?

1 Explain listing process with suitable example & Diagram

To show a continual process what kind of diagram is used?

cycle diagram

What tool best illustrates complex structure process?

a diagram

What is hyperbolic process in thermodynamic process?

At engineering level technically both process are same except there definition both process give hyperbolic curve in P-V diagram and straight line in T-S diagram. and even in polytropic process PV^n=constant if n=1 then it is not hyperbolic process it is isothermal process even though the definition says pv=c is hyperbolic process.

What is the name of the process shown in the diagram---translation?

In biology, a schematic diagram shows the process of translation. This process occurs when a cell converts DNA into mRNA and proteins.

What is a Process Flow Diagram?

A Process Flow Diagram (or System Flow Diagram) shows the relationships between the major components in the system. It also has basic information concerning the material balance for the process. See the related link.

How to Diagram the process of seafloor spreading?

A diagram that shows how seafloor spreading works.

What is the Purpose of process control block diagram?

The purpose of process control block diagram is to make the process fast and accurate. It guides an engineer to achieve the target in time

What is difference between block flow diagram and process flow diagram?

BFDs provide a complete overview of the whole process in block diagram form. They summarise the major unit operation between process block units. PFDs characterize all the process flows to and from all the equipment required to perform the process within the boundaries set by the BFD