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It is 120-degree angle are supplementary.

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Q: Is 40ยฐ complementary or supplementary
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Is 73 complementary or supplementary?

It is complementary to one angle, supplementary to another.

Are the angles of a trapezoid supplementary complementary or corresponding?

The answer is supplementary! :-)

Can adjacent angles be supplementary complementary or neither?

adjacent angles can be complementary and supplementary you can see a video of khan

What is the complementary and supplementary angle of 19?

Complementary angle is 71 degrees and supplementary angle is 161 degrees

What is the supplementary and complementary angle of 73?

supplementary: 107 degrees complementary: 17 degrees

How do you find complementary and supplementary angles?

Complementary angles are found by subtracting a random angle from 90 degrees for complementary always and 180 for supplementary always

How do you remember the difference between complementary and supplementary angles?

Complementary angles are 90 degree angles while supplementary angels are 180 degree angles.You remember it by how complementary angle are 90 degrees more to get a supplementary angles.

What is the difference between a complementary angle and supplementary angle?

The sum of complementary angles is 90°. The sum of supplementary angles is 180°. EXAMPLE : 27° is the complementary angle to 63° and the supplementary angle to 153°.

How do you find complementary angle and supplementary angle?

Complementary: subtract 90 minus your angle. Supplementary: subtract 180 minus your angle.

Is 125 and 55 complementary or supplementary?

Complementary angles add up to 90 degrees and Supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees. 125+55=180 so these angles and supplementary.

What is the relationship between complementary and supplementary angles?

For any given angle, its supplementary angle is 90 degrees larger than its complementary angle.

What is complementary supplementary in angles?

complementary angles are 2 angles that add to 90 supplementary are 2 angles that add to 180

An interior angle of a polygon and its adjacent exterior angle are complementary?

No, they are supplementary, not complementary.

Angle formed by supplementary and complementary angles?

Supplementary angles forms a 180o angle (or a straight line). Complementary angles form a 90o angle.

Can a supplementary angle be a complementary angle?

A supplementary angle can not be a complementary angle. The complementary angle has 2 angles equal 90... but a supplementary angle is X2 that much (108). * * * * * Nearly correct. 90 x 2 is 180, not 108!

Are consecutive angles in a parallelogram complementary?

No they are not. They are supplementary.

Is 98 degrees complementary or supplementary?


Can two acute angles cannot be supplementary?

Two acute angles cannot be supplementary but they can be complementary

How do you determine whether the angles are complementary supplementary or neither?

Complementary angles add up to 90 degrees whereas supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees.

Explain the difference between the following pairs of complementary angles and supplementary angles?

Complementary angles sum to 90o Supplementary angles sum to 180o

Why do complementary or supplementary angles not have to be adjacent?

complementary angles measures add to 90 and supplementary angles measures add to 180. Whether they are next to each other or not does not matter.

Do the angles in complementary and supplementary angles have to be adajacent to each other?

No, complementary angles need to ADD and EQUAL 90 degrees. Supplementary angles need to ADD/EQUAL 180 degrees. They do not necessarily need to be adjacent to each other, they only have to add up... Complementary = 90, Supplementary = 180

Complementary angles are similar to supplementary angles because?

there not there not there not

What do you call two supplementary angles?

a complementary angle

Are two right angles complementary?

no they would be supplementary.

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