Is 0 a negative real number?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Is 0 a negative real number?
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What is a negative numbers?

A real number that is less than 0.

Is negative 3 a real number?

Yes negative 3 is a real number. 0 is the only number which...isn't a number. The is a political debate going on at the moment debating this particular topic!!!

What is the product of 9 negative real number?

The product of nine negative real numbers is a negative real number.

Is -20 an real number?

yes. it is negative. a negative number is a real number

A negative times a postitive gets you?

A negative (real) number multiplied by a positive (real) number will always result in a negative (real) number.

Is 0 a real number?

NO, negative numbers are though. 0 is more like a placeholder. It's not a actual number. It CAN be a digit, though! Love, :D

If A and B are real numbers and A is less than 0 and B is less than 0 then is AB less than or greater than 0?

Greater than zero because any negative number times a negative number equals a positive number.

If the square root of a rational number X was divided by another rational number Y and the result would be undefined what could be the possible values of X and Y?

probably x would be negative. This is because the square root of a negative number is not a real number (no real number squared can be negative). ory is 0. any number divided by 0 = infinity. and undefined is another way of saying infinity.

Is 0 an imaginary number?

This is an interesting question. Looking at complex numbers graphically, zero is at the intersection of the real and imaginary axis, so it is 0 + 0i. But if you square zero, you get zero, which is not a negative number (a pure imaginary, when squared will give a real negative number), so I'd have to say it is not imaginary.

If the exponent on a negative number is 0 is the number positive or negative?

Any positive number to the 0th power is one. ex. (51^0 = 1) Any negative number to the 0th power is negative one. ex. (-23^0 = -1) The exception is 0. 0^0 = 0

Explain why the roots of a quadratic equation are imaginary if the value of the discriminant is less than 0?

The square of any real number is non-negative. So no real number can have a negative square. Consequently, a negative number cannot have a real square root. If the discriminant is less than zero, the quadratic equation requires the square root of that negative value, which cannot be real and so must be imaginary.

What is additive inverse of 0?

This number is also known as the opposite (number), sign change, and negation. For a real number, it reverses its sign: the opposite to a positive number is negative, and the opposite to a negative number is positive. Zero is the additive inverse of itself.