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The product of nine negative real numbers is a negative real number.

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Q: What is the product of 9 negative real number?
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Is the product of 8 positive and 3 negative numbers a positive or negative number?

The product would be a negative number. When you multiply with a negative, it doesn't matter how many negatives, the product will always be a negative. For example: if you were to multiply 2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x-3x-7x-9=-68,584,320. If you don't believe me, use your calculator.

What do the real numbers 9 - 12 equal would it be a positive real 3 or a negative 3?

9-12 = -3 It is negative because the second number is larger--you are taking away more than what you had with the first number.

Two negative consecutive odd integers have a product of 63 find the larger number?

Two negative consecutive odd integers that have a product of 63 are -7 and -9. -7 is larger than -9. -7 is the answer.

Why is negative 9 squared negative 81?

It isn't. The square of any real number is positive. (negative 9)2 = positive 81. Did you mean negative (92) ? Well, 92 = 81, and the negative of that is negative 81.

What kind of number is -11 over 9?

It is a negative mixed fraction or improper fraction, a rational number, a real number.

Is 9 a negative number?

9 is not negative, but -9 is negative. Anything below zero is negative.

Find two consecutive negative integers whose product is 90?

-9 or -10Two consecutive negative integers that can be multiplied together with a product of 90 would be -9 and -10. A number sentence for this equation would be: -9 X -10 = 90.

Why is 9 a Factorial number?

Because it is a product of real numbers. And the set of real numbers is closed under multiplication.

Why is square root of the number -9 not a real number?

For the same reason that the square root of ANY negative number is not a real number.Real numbers are positive, negative, or zero. * The square of a positive number is a positive number. * The square of a negative number is a positive number. * The square of zero is zero. In other words, in no case will you get a REAL number whose square is a negative number. The square roots of negative numbers are said to be "imaginary" - a name given for historical reasons. They are just as "real" or "unreal" as the so-called real numbers, but the point is that they are a different kind of numbers.

What The product of negative 9 and g?


How do you multiply a positive number by a negative number?

the answer is simply by following the rules of multiplication when a negative number is multiplied with a positive number the answer the sign of the product is always negative E.g (2)x(-4)= -8 (-9)x(5)= -45

Can a real number be a rational number and a negative number?

Yes, examples include -4, -134, -2/9, -143/12.

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