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The number zero is not the smallest positive integer. The number one is the smallest positive integer.

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Q: Is 0 is the smllest positive integer?
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Which integer is greater than 0?

Any positive integer.

Is 0 positive integer or negative integer?

Zero counts as neither positive nor negative. It is a neutral integer

Is 0 is the smallest positive integer?

No, 1 is. Zero is not "positive".

What integer can be positive or negative?

Any integer, other than 0, has a positive as well as a negative version. -0 is the same as +0, and so the two are treated as a single number.

Integer that is not a whole number?

no, integer is 0 or positive / negative whole number

An integer greater than 0?

is positive

When is the sum of a positive and negative integer positive?

When the positive integer is farther from 0 than the negative integer, example -4+5=1 why? the -4 is 4 places to the left of the 0 and the 5 is 5 places to the right.

Is 0 is a positive integer?

No. It is nonnegative. Zero is neither positive nor negative.

When you multiply an integer less than 1 and an integer less than -1 what is the product?


Why is 1 and 0 nor prime or composite?

A prime number has two positive integer factors, itself and 1. The number 0 has no positive integer factors, and is therefore not prime. The number 1 has just a single positive integer factor, and once again, is not prime.

Is negative integer is a always a whole number?

No. A whole number is either 0 or a positive integer.

What is a postive integer and a negative integer?

a negative integer is -1,-2,-3 and so on, but not -2.5 or 0 a positive integer is 1, 2, 3 and so on but not 7.2 or 0

Is 0 an integer true or false?

An integer is a whole number (not a fractional number) that can be positive, negative or zero - so true

Is 0 a negative integer?

0 is neither a negative nor a positive integerThe absolute value of zero is zero, so, NO.

Is all nonnegative integers are positive integers?

No. 0 is a non-negative integer which is not positive.

is 0 a integer?

No, 0 is neither positive nor negative it is just 0

What is the product of a positive integer and a positive integer?

The product would be a positive integer.

What is a positive and a negaitive integer?

Integers are all whole numbers, both negative and positive (< 0, >0)

What kind of number is this 0092466501?

It is a positive integer.It is a positive integer.It is a positive integer.It is a positive integer.

What is the number tween 0 and 1 fraction a positive integer a whole number a negative integer?

A number between 0 and 1 is a fraction.

Is every integer a natural?

No, but every natural is an integer. Only the positive integers and 0 are natural numbers.

Is negative 11 an integer?

Yes the integer group includes negative numbers, positive numbers, and 0.

When does a positive integer and a negative integer equal a positive integer?

When they are added together and the absolute value of the positive integer is bigger than the absolute value of the negative integer or when the negative integer is subtracted from the positive integer.

When a positive integer is added to an integer what is the resulting integer?

The resulting integer is positive seen as they're both positive.

How can one integer can have two absolute values?

Every integer apart from 0, has two pieces of information: its distance from 0, and its direction from 0. So it has its value and its sign. So you have a positive and negative for each integer. So the digit 2 can be positive 2 or negative 2 for example.