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60 Seconds/minute * 15 minutes = 900 seconds. This is 10 seconds greater than 850 seconds.

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Q: Is 15 minutes greater than 850 seconds?
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14 minutes and 10 seconds.

Which is greater 1 kg or 850 g?

1 kg is greater than 850 g.1 kg = 1000 g > 850 g

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I'll let you figure it out. Multiply 850 by 60. Multiply that by 60. Sorry but you should already know how to do that. This should have said divide by, not multiply by! There are 3600 seconds in an hour. A speed of 850 miles per hour is 850/3600 miles per seconds = 0.23611 miles per second, which is just slightly less than one quarter mile per second.

What is the amount of current flowing through a toaster if it takes 850 C of charge to toast two slices of bread in two minutes if you know the GRASS method that would be great?

850 C of charge in 2 minutes means 850 C in 120 seconds = 71/12 C per second. "1 C of charge per second" is the definition of 1 Ampere of current. You don't need to know about the bread, and I don't know what the GRASS method is.

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