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yes it is because I can run a mile in less than 9:10 and so can everyone else in my class which means 16 minutes is plenty of time.

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Q: Is 16 minutes plenty time for a 1.5 mile run?
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If you run a km 10 minutes how fast can run 1.0 mile?

A 10-minute time over a kilometer equates to a time of 16 minutes 5.6 seconds for 1.0 mile.

How many minutes is a 3.5 mph mile?

If you run at 3.5 miles per hour for one mile, the time of the run will be 17 minutes 8.4 seconds.

What is the average time for a half mile run?

from 2 and half minutes to 3 minutes.

What is the fastest time recorded on a ten mile run?

43 minutes

What is the average time for a 3 mile run for a 28 year old woman?

A 28 year old female should be able to run a mile in about 7 minutes. Therefore, a three mile run should take about 21 minutes.

How long to run half a mile?

An average person can run one mile in 7 to 10 minutes, so take half of that time.

What is the above average time to run a mile?

The average time for a mile is about 8 minutes, for runners its 6 minutes, so a sub six minute mile is good for a runner and a sub seven for nonrunners.

What is the fast time for a thirteen mile run?

Just under 59 minutes.

What is the formula to convert a 3.1 mile run into a 5 mile run time?

Your speed/3.1 = ?/5 These are fractions, so you cross multiply: your speed X 5 / 3.1 For example, if your 3.1 mile time is 24 minutes, your 5 mile time is: 24 X 5 / 3.1 = 38.71 minutes.

What is a good time for a 5 mile cross country run?

a good time would be 30 minutes. so that means you would have to run every mile in 6 minutes. so 30 minutes is a decent time. 30+ would be an ok time. 35+ a normal time. 40+ a bad time.

What is the best 14 year old's time for 3 mile run?

im not sure but im 12 and run 3 mile in 19 minutes

You can run a mile in five minutes twelve seconds?

yes i can run a mile in five minutes and twelve seconds