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Q: Is a valid sub-net mask?
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What is the subnet mask for 10 0 10 1 17?

This is not a valid IP address - a valid IP address has 4 bytes. Also, you can't guess the subnet mask from looking only at the IP address; there are usually several options.

What is difference between subnet-mask and wildcard mask?

Subnet Mask: Subnet mask is a 32 bits value which differentiate the host portion & network portion of an IP address. Where network portion is designate by the 1's & host portion 0's. Wild card Mask: Wild card mask defines which IP addresses are allowed & which are blocked. Where 0's defines the accurate match where non zero value defines any value on the corresponding octete.

What is the second subnet of gives you 65534 possible hosts within 1 subnet. By binary math, you would need to increase the subnet mask to divide the network into subnets. Think of the additional subnet mask bits as a binary value. With 0 extra bits in the masks, you have 1 subnet. With 1 bit, you have 2. With 2 bits, you have 4. With 3 bits, you have 8. With 4 bits, you have 16. We need 8, so we should add 3 bits to the subnet mask. This would be a base CIDR of Since there are 256 possibilities in the 3rd octet (Based on Class B network), divide by 8. The resultant number is the increment value for each network address. 256 / 8 = 32. Therefore, your networks would be: With maximum (65536 / 8 - 2) 8190 hosts per subnet. Additional: Since we have 19 network bits, there are 13 bits remaining for hosts (total, as always 32). An all 0 string of host bits would leave you with your base network number ex> , host with all 0's 10101100.00010000.00000000.00000000 The resultant would be, which is your network address. Conversely, having a host with all 1's: 10101100.00010000.00011111.11111111 This would result in, which is the broadcast address for the first subnet. These aren't usable as assignable addresses, but are used for network and broadcast purposes. Using all of the 3 borrowed bits in a 111 situation gives you a resultant of, which is a legitimate network address. Network bits in this case carry over from the /16, and are simply added on. An IP address of would be the broadcast address for the final subnet. ex> 10101100.00010000.11111111.11111111 If you were doing a class A network, this wouldn't be as applicable. If all 3 of the first bits of a network address are 1, this puts your IP into a class D ( subnet which is reserved for multicasting. This is only applicable to the first bits of the network address (starting from the very beginning). Hope this helped at least a little.

What are some of the companies that produce a 3M Mask?

The 3M Company used to produce the 3M Mask. However, they sold the liquid mask name to the Trimex Company who now produces the 3M Mask and calls it Trimex Window Mask.

Is a biased sample always valid?

a biased sample is valid determin

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Given the ip address and subnet mask of is subnet mask valid?

This is a network address

Which is not a valid subnet mask?

No choices were supplied; cannot answer the question.

What is the last valid sub net of

To Know any subnet of this IP you must provide the Subnet mask, otherwise it is impossible to know what is the subnet.

What is the subnet mask for 10 0 10 1 17?

This is not a valid IP address - a valid IP address has 4 bytes. Also, you can't guess the subnet mask from looking only at the IP address; there are usually several options.

What is the binart equivalent to the dotted decmal net mask-

That's not a valid subnet mask. Probably the subnet mask is supposed to be You can convert each of the parts separated by dots to binary separately. Just use a scientific calculator, for example, the one that comes with Windows. To be a valid subnet mask, the binary equivalent must have a certain number of only ones, followed by only zeros.

What would the value of the last octet of the subnet mask be if the CIDR notation for an address is

This isn't a valid CIDR address, so I assume it is: That would yield a subnet mask of

Does ipv6 require a subnet mask?

It does not require a subnet mask.

What class has subnet mask

If this is a default subnet mask, then it would be a class C subnet mask. If you are subnetting a network and this is not the default subnet mask, then it could be either a class A or class B.

Defference bw a default subnet mask and a custom subnet mask?

The default subnet mask has a standard size. The custom subnet mask allows you to make subnets that are smaller or larger than the default.

What is a subnet mass number?

The correct term is subnet mask instead of subnet mass. A subnet mask separates an IP address into the host address and the network address. It is a 32-bit number that can mask an IP address.

How can you change from a subnet mask of to a subnet mask of

2 given subnets

What is the default subnet mask for the address?