Is 3 and two fifths a rational number?

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To my knowlage yes it very much is a rational number :D

I sounded smart xD

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Q: Is 3 and two fifths a rational number?
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Is two divided by 3 a rational number?


Is 2 and 3 fifths rational?

Yes. Any number that can be written as one integer over a non-zero integer is a rational number. 2 3/5 = (2×5+3)/5 = 13/5 which is the form of one integer over a non-zero integer, thus it is rational.

Why is a repeating decimal a rational number?

A rational number is a number that can eb expressed as a ratio of two numbers. 1/3 is a rational number, with a decimal representation of 0.333333 ... .

What does three and two fifths round to?

To the nearest whole number: 3

What number is in between one fifth and two fifths?


Can the product of two irrational numbers be a rational number?

yes it can, look at the example √3 times the √3 is 3. these two are rational numbers.

Is two over three a rational number?

Two over three can be expressed as a ratio (2/3), so it is therefore a rational number.

Can difference between two irrational number can results in rational number?

Yes. 2+sqrt(3) and 5+sqrt(3). Their difference is 3, which is rational.

Is 3 rational or irrational?

-3 is a rational number

Is the sum of two rational numbers a natural number?

Sum of two rational numbers might be a natural number (1/2 + 1/2), but mostly it's just another rational number (1/2 + 1/3). So answer is no.

Is the number 3 rational irrational both rational and irrational or neither rational?

The number 3 is a rational number (as is any integer).

Rational numbers between -1 and 3?

There are an infinite number of rational numbers between any two rational numbers.

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