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Q: Is 3 fourths greater than 3 fifths?
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Related questions

Is three-fourths greater than three-fifths?

Yes 3/4 (.75) is greater than 3/5 (.60)

Which greater three fourths or two fifths?

3/4 or 0.75 is greater than 2/5 or 0.4

Is 3 fourths bigger than 3 fifths?


Is 0.45 greater than or less than 3 fourths?

Less than. 3 fourths is 0.75

What is 4 fifths - 3 fourths?


Is two fifths greater than 3 eighths?


Is 6 fifths greater or less than 3 thirds?

6/5 is greater than 3/3 by 1/5

Is five eighths greater than three fourths?

No. 5 eights is less than 3 fourths

What is greater than two fifths?


Is 2 and four fifths lesser than 2 six fifths?

2 and four fifths is less than three, 2 and six fifths is greater than 3.

Is one and one fifths greater than eight fifths?

No because eight fifths would become 1 and 3 fifths

Is four fifths bigger than three fourths?

Yes, four fifths is 80% and three fourths would be 75%.

Which one is greater 7 fourteens or 3 fifths?

3 fifths is greater.

Is 5 sixths greater than 3 fourths?


Is three fourths greater than four tenths?

three fourths is greater Yes, it is. 3/4 > 4/10 Three fourths is 87.5 percent greater than four tenths.

Which is bigger two fifths or three fourths?

Well 2 is less than half of 5...... and 3 is more than half of 4. Therefore: three fourths is more than two fifths.

Which fraction is greater than 3 out of 5?


Is 6 fifths greater than 3 thirds?


What is 1 and 3 fourths times 4 fifths?

The answer is 7/5, or seven fifths.

Which fraction is greater two-fourths or three-fourths?

3/4 is greater.

Is three fifths greater than 0.7?

Three fifths (3/5) converted to decimal format is actually .6, so yes, .7 would be greater than 3/5 or .6.

Is three fifths greater than two fifths?

yes 3/5 is 1/5 greater than 2/5

What is greater 2 thirds or 3 fifths?

3 fifths is greater and I'm only in 6th grade

What is greater one and a half or three fourths?

1 and a 1/2 is greater than 3/4

What is 7 fourths minus eight fifths?


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