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Is this what you meant your question to be? "Is 3 tenths of an inch a third of an inch?"

If so, the answer is no. 1/3" = 0.333333333333…inches, where 3/10" = 0.3 inches excatly.

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Q: Is 3 tenths of an a third a third of an inch?
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How much is nine tenths of an inch?

Nine tenths of an inch = Nine tenths of an inch, or 90% of an inch. Or did you mean to ask what is nine tenths of an inch in 8ths, or 16ths, or . . . .

Is one third greater than three tenths?

Are 3 tenths greater than one third

How long is 3 tenths of an inch?

It is 7.62 millimeters

How many tenths of an inch is one eighth of an inch?

1.25 tenths of an inch.

How do you write one inch into tenths of an inch?

One inch is ten tenths of an inch

Is 2 tenths larger than 1 third?

No. Two tenths is 20%. One third is 33 1/3%

How do you convert eights of an inch to tenths of an inch?

Every eighth is 11/4 tenths. Multiply eighths of an inch by 1.25 to get the same length in tenths of an inch.

What is 7 tenths of a inch?

7 tenths of an inch is just 7 tenths of an inch (7/10) or another way 0.7" or 17.77mm

What is 7 and one third minus 3 and nine tenths?

7 and one third minus 3 and 9 tenths is six and 13 over 30 3 and 13/30

What is one third of nine tenths?


Is three tenths bigger than a third?

No. Three tenths is 0.300 and 1/3 = 0.333.

How do you write half an inch in tenths?

five tenths of an inch (5/10)

If you have 3 tenths of an inch what is that in a foot?

0.3 inches = 0.025 foot

How many centimeters in one and half inch?

3 and 8 tenths

What is three tenths inch in meters?

3/10" is 0.00762 meter.

What inch fraction is one third of an inch?

It is 1/3.

What is seven tenths of a inch?

Seven tenths of an inch can be represented as 7/10" (or 0.7 inch), where "inch" can be abbreviated by a single, double-quote character and is defined as 1/12 of a foot, which is 1/3 of a yard, which is 1/1760 of a mile.

What is equivalent to three tenths?

Well 3.333 recurring is a third, so 3 tenths are just under that.

1 third is greater then 3 tenths?

Yes, but not by much.

What is 1 third plus 3 tenths?


How many tenths of a inch are in a inch?


How many tenths in a inch?

There are ten tenths in anything.

How do you write three tenths of an inch as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 3/10 of an inch is equal to 0.3 inches.

How many tenths of an inch in a foot?

There 12 inches to a foot, so 120 tenths of an inch to a foot.

Is three and 1 third equal to 3 tenths?

no, 3 and 1/3 is equal to 33/10!