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Since 5 is a factor of 45, it becomes a whole number: 9

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Q: Is 45 over 5 aqual to a whole number or a mixed number explain?
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Is a mixed number always greater than a whole number explain?

No.The mixed number 21/2, for example, is greater than the whole number 2, but smaller than the whole number 3.In fact, given any mixed number (which does have a fractional part), it is always possible to find a pair of consecutive whole numbers such that the mixed number is between them.

Is a whole number the same thing as a mixed number?

No. A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction.

Is forty-five fifths equal to a whole number or a mixed number explain why?

45/5 = 9, a whole number, because 45 divided by 5 is 9.

What is percent as a fraction mixed number or whole number?

It is often a fraction but can be a mixed or whole number.

How do explain a mixed number into a decimal?

A decimal is one way of representing numbers which may be whole or fractions. So, a mixed number which by definition is a number, can be expressed as a decimal. That explains it all!

What is the number containing a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed number

What is whole number mixed with a proper fraction?

a mixed number

How do you change 35 to a mixed number?

You can't. 35 is a whole number, and mixed numbers are not whole.

What Is 3 as a whole number converted into a mixed number?

Whole numbers can't be mixed numbers.

Is 19.6 a whole number or a mixed number?

It contains whole number plus fraction of 1, so its a mixed number.

A number containing a whole number and a fraction?

mixed numbers

How do you turn a mixed number into a whole number?

You cannot. Mixed number and whole numbers form disjoint sets.

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