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5.1 km = 5100 meters

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Q: Is 5.1 kilometers bigger than 5001 meters?
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Is kilometers bigger or meters?

Kilometers are 1000 times bigger than meters

Are kilometers smaller than meters?

No the kilometers are bigger than meters. There are 1000 meters in a kilometer.

Are meters bigger than kilometers?


What is bigger 2 kilometers or 200 meters?

2 kilometers equals 2,000 meters which makes it bigger than 200 meters

Is 15 kilometers bigger than 1500 meters?

15 kilometers is bigger than 1,500 meters 15 kilometers = 15,000 meters

Which is bigger 6 kilometers or 660 meters?

6 km is bigger than 660 meters

Is forty thousand meters bigger than four hundred kilometers?

no, forty thousand meters = forty kilometers, so four hundred kilometers is bigger. =]

Are kilometers bigger than meters?

Yes. There are 1,000 meters in one kilometer.

Is 36 kilometers bigger than 36000 meters?

36 kilometers equals 36,000 meters. There are 1,000 meters in a kilometer, and 36,000 divided by 1,000 is 36.

Is 20 m more than 20 km?

20 km are more than 20 m meters because kilometers are bigger than meters so 20 meters are less than 20 kilometers.

Is 2 kilometers bigger then 200 meters?

1 kilometer is 1,000 meters.So even one of them is bigger than 200 meters,and two of them are even more bigger.

Is ten thousand meters bigger than 100 kilometers?

they are completely different where did you come from

Is meters bigger than kilometers?

No. 1 m is 1000 times smaller than 1 km.

Is 4 kilometers bigger than 4400 meters?

4400 metres is bigger than 4 km.4400 m = 4.4 km

Is 1000 meters bigger than 10 kilometers?

Yes, 1000 meters are in a kilometer. So, 1000 meters is only 1 kilometer.

Is kilometers bigger than a meter?

Yes, a kilometer is longer than a meter. 1 kilometer = 1,000 meters

Which is bigger 3 kilometers or 4000 meters?

To compare this, you must convert to a common unit. For example, converting everything to meters, 3 km = 3000 meters. This is less than 4000 meters.

Which is bigger 3 km bigger 4000m real answers?

4000m is bigger. 3km means 3000m therefore 4000 meters is bigger than 3000 meters the "km" means kilometers and the "m" means meters... the "km" is a factor of 103

Is meters more than kilometers?

No. Meters are 1,000 smaller than kilometers.

Is 5 kilometer bigger then 5 meter?

Yes 5 kilometers : Kilo means 1000 so 5 Kilometers is 5000 meters is larger than 5 meters

Is feet bigger than meters?

Feet is not bigger then meters.

Is 3000 meter bigger than 1.2 kilometers?

Yes. 3000m equals 3km (1000m per kilometer).

Is 4.07 kilometers smaller than 4.5 kilometers?

4.07 kilometers = 4 kilometers 70 meters or 4,070 meters 4.5 kilometers = 4 kilometers 500 meters or 4,500 meters 4.07 kilometers is shorter than 4.5 kilometers.

Which is bigger 1kilometer or 999 meters?

1 kilometer is bigger than 999 meters. Therefore, 1000 meters is bigger than 999 meters.

Why do you have bigger units of measurements?

Efficiency. It's easier to say ' 10 kilometers' than it is to say '10,000 meters.'