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No. 75 is much bigger than 1, three fourths is smaller than 1.

But 75% IS equal to 3/4

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Q: Is 75 equal to three fourths?
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Related questions

Three fourths is equal to what decimal?

Three fourths, or 3/4, is equal to .75 (75%)

What percent does three fourths equal?

Three fourths is 75%

What percent is equal to three-fourths?

three fourths = 75%

What is three-fourths equal to?


Three fourths equals how many spoons?

Three fourths is equal to 75% or 0.75 spoons

What is three fourths equal to as a decimal?

.75 is how much 3 fourths equals to

Three fourth is equal to how much percent?

Three fourths is equal to 75 percent.

Is 75 percent equal to three fourths?


What does 3 fourths equal?

Three fourths equal three quarters (3/4), percentage = 75%, decimal = 0.75

Which is larger three fourths or eighty percent?

Three fourths is equal to 75%, therefore 80% is the larger figure.

What is 3 over 4 equal to?

75% or three fourths.

Three fourths of what equals 75?

Three fourths of 100 is 75.

What is three fourths equal to?

0.75 or 75%

What three fourths equal to?

3/4 = .75 = 75% = 6/8 = 12/16

What does 3 three 4ths equal?

what does three three fourths equal? what does three three fourths equal?

If one half equals 0.5 then what does three fourths equal?

.75, I believe

Does three fourths equal fifty percent?

No that equals 75%. One Half is 50%

How are the symbols three fourths point 75 and 75 percent related?

They are all equal to one another: 3/4 = 0.75 = 75%

Three fourths equal what in ml?

But three fourths of what?

Does Two thirds equal three fourths?

No, two thirds does not equal three fourths.

0.3 g equal how many mg?

750 milligrams is equal to .75 grams or three fourths of one gram.

What does three fourths of three fourths equal?


What is three fourths of a dollar?

Three fourths of a US dollar is equivalent to 75 cents.

What is 75 of 4?

75 percent is the equivalent of three fourths. Because of this logic, 75 percent of 4 is 3 since 3 is three fourths of 4.

What is three fourths of 300?

Three fourths of 300 is 75. One fourth of 300 = 75 so Three fourths of 300 = 225.