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Q: Is a circle a non congruent or a congruent?
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What is the similiarity between a congruent and non-congruent figure?

Congruent means that two figures have the same shape. Non-congruent means they don't. There is no "similarity"; two non-congruent figures can be just about anything, for example a square and a circle.

What does the word congruent have common with a circle?

What the word congruent and circle have in common is that circles have a congruent radii. All of the radii in a single circle is congruent to each other.

Can there be congruent arcs on a circle?

Yes, there can be congruent arcs on a circle. Arcs which subtend the same angle at the center are considered as congruent.

Is all radii of a circle are congruent?

Yes, all of the radii in a single circle are congruent.

Two arcs of a circle are congruent if and only if associated chords are perpendicular?

In the same circle, or in congruent circles, two minor arcs are congruent if and only if their corresponding chords are congruent.

What is the opposite of congruent?

Non-congruent or incongruent is the opposite of congruent.

Can a pentagon and a circle ever be congruent?

No they can not be congruent because they are different shapes.

What is non congruent?

Non-congruent represents something that is not in agreement, If superimposed it does not coincide. If two figures don't have the same shape they are considered non-congruent in Geometry. In order to be considered congruent, a figure must be the mirror image of another, if it is not, the figure is non-congruent.

What is a congruent arc?

Congruent arcs are circle segments that have the same angle measure and are in the same or congruent circles.

How do you prove In a circle or congruent circles congruent central angles have congruent arcs?

Chuck Norris can prove it

A circle and a triangle are they congruent?


Which shape is not congruent to a hexagon?

A circle.