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Congruent arcs are circle segments that have the same angle measure and are in the same or congruent circles.

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Q: What is a congruent arc?
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What is the definition of a congruent arc?

Arcs, in the same circle or in congruent circles, that have equal measures.

What is the relation between the arc length and angle for a sector of a circle?

A sector is the area enclosed by two radii of a circle and their intercepted arc, and the angle that is formed by these radii, is called a central angle. A central angle is measured by its intercepted arc. It has the same number of degrees as the arc it intercepts. For example, a central angle which is a right angle intercepts a 90 degrees arc; a 30 degrees central angle intercepts a 30 degrees arc, and a central angle which is a straight angle intercepts a semicircle of 180 degrees. Whereas, an inscribed angle is an angle whose vertex is on the circle and whose sides are chords. An inscribed angle is also measured by its intercepted arc. But, it has one half of the number of degrees of the arc it intercepts. For example, an inscribed angle which is a right angle intercepts a 180 degrees arc. So, we can say that an angle inscribed in a semicircle is a right angle; a 30 degrees inscribed angle intercepts a 60 degrees arc. In the same or congruent circles, congruent inscribed angles have congruent intercepted arcs.

What does parallel lines intercepted arc conjecture mean?

Parallel lines intercept congruent arcs on a circle. More explanation: Parallel lines never interSECT but they can interCEPT Congruent arcs means that the two arcs would have the same measure of the arcs.

Abbreviation for corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent?

CPCTC or congruent

Definition of Congruent Figures?

The Definition of Congruent Figures (which is a proof) says that if two figures have corresponding sides congruent and corresponding angles congruent, then the figures are to be congruent.

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