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a Venn diagram consists of two overlapping circles, and is generally used as a compare and contrast diagram. a diagram in general is just a way to show information. in short, they are not the same thing, a venn diagram is a type of diagram.

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Q: Is a diagram and a venndiagram the same thing?
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A diagram which uses overlapping circles is what type of diagram?

a venndiagram

What goes in the middle of an venndiagram?

The middle of the Venn Diagram represents what is the same about the two things you are comparing.

Show a picture about a diagram?

What kind? like the circle kind? Venndiagram?

What is the difference between single line diagram and one line diagram?

There is no difference...same thing

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a diagram is a simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something; a schematic representation and a picture is a design or representation made by various means

Is a galaxy the same thing as a solarsystem?

No, a solar system is a diagram of our galaxy.Galaxy is a system of million of stars and more, by gravitational attraction.

What is the difference between a frequency diagram and a bar chart?

They're the samething! It's just two different words for the same thing!

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To describe how does it looks?here it means the thing of which we are making diagram.

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What is a diagram in math?

A Venn diagram involves two overlapping circles. In one circle, write a subject and all the related ideas to that subject. Do the same thing in the other circle. Then, where the circles overlap, write what the two subjects have in common.

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