Is a minus sign a negative sign?

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No it is not because 8-5 does not mean that the 5 is a negative sign but my weird mom thinks it is.

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Q: Is a minus sign a negative sign?
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Related questions

What does 8 minus negative 3 equal?

8 minus negative three or 8--3 equal positive 11. The double negative converts the minus sign into a plus sign and the negative into a positive.

Where is the negative sign on the calculator?

Same place as the minus sign

Can stand for subtraction opposite or negative?

The minus sign.

What is a symbol used for negative integers is?

The symbol used for a negative is a minus Sign

When do you know when the integers are positive and negative?

If the number is zero, then it is neither positive nor negative.For all other integers: If there is a minus sign, "-", before the integer, then it is negative. If there is a plus sign, "+", before the integer or no sign at all, then it is positive.

What is an arithmetic operator that makes a number negative?

A minus sign. (-)

A negative number is written with what symbol before it?

Minus Sign

When multipling a plus sign and a minus sign the end solution would be what sign?

It would be a minus sign. If the two signs are the same, the answer is positive. If the two signs are different, the answer is negative.

How do you write a formula to subtract a negative minus a negative?

a negative minus a negative = a positive. the two negatives put together make a plus sign. example... 5-(-7) = 13

What is the arithmetic operator that makes a number negative in Excel?

The minus sign.

What is the symbol used to represent a negative square root of a number?

Negative square root is -√Square root of negative one is i.

What is negative nine minus six?

negative fifteen (-15). If they are two negative numbers which are -9 and -6 you have to add (but make sure and keep the negative sign

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