Is a number over zero undefined?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Is a number over zero undefined?
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Is zero over zero one or undifined because a number over itself is alwas one but a number over zero is always zero?

0/0 is undefined because you cannot divide any number into 0 parts.

Is 0 over 2 possible?

yes, it is possible to divide zero by a number. It is not possible to divide a number by zero though, which is undefined.

Can undefined number be real numbers?

Not if they are undefined in the sense of a number divided by zero.

Is 3 over 0 is a whole number?

no, having a zero in the denominator makes it undefined.

What is the limit of infinity over zero?

infinity? Infinity over zero is undefined, or complex infinity depending on numbers you are including in your number system.

Is any number divided by zero considered 'infinite' or 'undefined'?


Zero divide by a negative number is undefined or has a positive or negative answer?


What is a number divide by zero?


Is 23 divided by 0 a rational number?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

Is zero always or sometimes a rational number?

Zero by definition is always a rational number. It can sometimes be the cause of mathematical concepts being undefined. For example, a number can not be divided by zero. Dividing by zero is undefined.

What is B over B as a percentage?

Any number divided by itself* is the complete whole which is 100 % *except for zero: zero divided by zero is undefined.

What is zero to the power of a number equal?

Zero to the power of anything is undefined. There is no number of zeros multiplied together that can produce any number other than zero, so zero to the nth power is undefined, by definition.